How a Woman’s Baby Bump Drastically Changed Between 2 Pregnancies

Expectant mothers are not so comfortable publishing the photos of their belly.

The stomachs are different from woman to woman. When I was pregnant with my son, my belly was pretty big. When my daughter was on the road, my belly was the same and me and my husband knew it would be a boy.
However, a few months later a beautiful girl came out of it.
Even though bellies can vary from person to person, I could’ve never imagined that they can be different from pregnancy to pregnancy.
Bethany, a happy mother, posted photos from her first and second pregnancies on Instagram.How a Woman’s Baby Bump Drastically Changed Between 2 Pregnancies
Can you spot the difference?
Her post says that she followed a strict workout routine during her second pregnancy.
This goes for all the pregnant ladies who quit with their exercises while they are pregnant.
She continued running throughout both pregnancies, but the difference was lifting weights while she was carrying her second love.
“In pregnancy in general…It didn’t make that big of a difference,” she writes. “My back and hips still killed towards the end. But in recovery and labor it has made ALL the difference. My son’s labor was 44 hours long and it took me the full six weeks to recover and to begin even walking again. With my daughter, labor was five hours and it took me about five days before I felt normal again and ready to go.” – She says
Her weight increased from 33 pounds, but the difference when you compare both bodies is incredibly significant.
How a Woman’s Baby Bump Drastically Changed Between 2 Pregnancies
In the end, she has a message for all mothers.
“I do think it goes to show if you work hard and consistent it does pay off. It is SO worth it, and I am glad I pushed through every day of my pregnancy.”
There are lots of pregnancy workouts out there. Don’t make your big belly an excuse to stop working on your body and health.
In the end, you will feel better in your body and your health will drastically improve.
Take Bethany for example. She can be your role model how woman’s baby belly can change between two pregnancies.


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