How an Obese Internet Bully Turned His Life Around

These “machos” behind the keyboard are here to ruin your day no matter what.

They are using offensive words for someone’s hard work or mocking them how they look, what clothes do they wear, how they act on social media, and more won’t get them anywhere.
All he did was sit in his room 24/7 and write offensive stuff.
This is a 28-years-old Jesse Shand. He was living with his mother. The obesity was killing him until the turning point in his life.
He was weighing more than 700 pounds. Instead of doing something about it, he was building his self-esteem by laughing at bodybuilders.
His mother was anxious about his health and well-being. While he was making other feel bad about their happiness, he was pushing away his burning pain.
The bodybuilders, vividly frustrated from Jesse, flipped the scream on him. Since he has a better life than all of them, they wanted to see how he looks like. They demanded a picture of himself.
How an Obese Internet Bully Turned His Life Around
The Light Media

Jesse showed up himself and got the response he deserves.

No, not that kind of reaction. Stop hating.
All bodybuilders joined forces to help the man and make him better. Take a look at the whole story on the video.
Jesse has a new obstacle in his life now. However, he is now healthy and doing everything in his power to motivate others to come out and do something about themselves.
Here is the video:
There is more.
If you want to find out more about his struggle and fight against the stubborn fat, made a video: “Jesse Shand | The Incredible Shrinking Man.”
Check it out:
Jesse was served with a life lesson. You don’t know who still turn out to help you in your life. That’s why you need to be nice and respectful to all people.


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