Motivation: LeBron James’ Killer Workout And Diet Plan

Watching success in front of us couldn’t be more inspiring and motivational.
Take LeBron James for example. An athlete. A basketball player that secured his place in the HOF.
What got him to this stage? Discipline. Will. A motivation for success. That’s what drives people to achieving even the biggest goals.
This is my son’s favorite player. I watch his determination to get the W for his team every day.
I use all that to show my son how to achieve his goals. To become a “LeBron James” in his life.

Motivation: LeBron James’ Killer Workout And Diet Plan
I took Mr. James example because I mentioned before, he is the favorite player of my kid.
When it comes to success and achieving goals, it’s not strange or stupid to copy other’s people work ethic.
You are going to do that by bringing your own effort and body to the game.
Superstars are here to serve as motivation. They won’t mind if we follow their steps.
In fact, they will be glad that there are people admiring them and trying to succeed and grow even bigger than them.
You also need a healthy body and spirit to keep up with the greatest.
Not long ago I watched a training session of LeBron James. He absolutely killed it. I could’ve seen his determination in his eyes.
That got me thinking. What if I dig deeper in his workout routine and diet plan and see how he manages to maintain healthy body?
You will be fascinated on how well he knows how to control his body.

Let’s start with the workout:

Motivation: LeBron James’ Killer Workout And Diet Plan
Motivation: LeBron James’ Killer Workout And Diet Plan
Motivation: LeBron James’ Killer Workout And Diet Plan
Motivation: LeBron James’ Killer Workout And Diet Plan
Some will say that this is LeBron James we are talking about. Well, he is also human right?
By doing at least half of what he is doing you are going to become a beast like him. Keep your discipline and you will see how you can manage to achieve his levels.
Wait. It gets better.

Here is his diet plan.


A whole-grain slice topped in peanut butter and sliced banana with a side of Greek yogurt. After this there is fruit that will get your body up and running.


Nothing complex. Grilled chicken salad full with veggies and light dressing. Don’t forget the fresh fruit. It’s the food of the Kings.


Chicken soft tacos with whole-grain tortilla, chili peppers and homemade salsa.
LeBron James is often criticized about the way he treats his body. It’s amazing how he has such a strict daily diet.
That’s why he is what he is right now. That’s one of the ways for success. What’s yours?
This needs to serve as motivation to keep trying and achieve your goals. The success is there, you just need to reach out and grab it.


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