The Best Herbs That Effectively Increase Breast Milk Production

I remember the time when I first took my baby in my hands. I will always remember that moment. Tears were just flowing down my face.

I was very fortunate to experience that moment twice. I have two healthy kids right now.
While I’m writing this, I can see my boy already cooking meals for his sister. I can see I taught him well. My daughter is telling him what to put in there to make the meal tastier.
You know how we the women are. We know what we want.
I was watching TV last night and I saw an ad about some pills to increase breast milk production. It got me angry. I know they will help, but why doing it with pills?
When I brought my first child to this world I wasn’t able to breastfeed him. I was really desperate because I couldn’t feed my baby.
My mom and sister were here to give me support as mothers. Doctors were telling me to go with pills, but I was really scared of the side effects.
Then it really hit me. I’m studying herbs, nutrition and healthy foods my entire life. How come I can’t deal with this problem?
Still recovering from childbirth, my sister got me my computer and did the research. The milk I was able to produce at that time was enough for my few-days-old baby.
The problem would’ve grown bigger if I didn’t do anything.
That’s how I found these amazing herbs that helped me during my pregnancy. I used only a few of them because there wasn’t so much information on them like there is now.
Let’s check them out.


This remedy is a strong milk booster. It increases the milk supply with its ability to stimulate the glands that produce milk.
This herb contains phytoestrogens that help with increasing the milk production and even motivates sweat gland activity. As you know, the mammary glands are also in the “family” of the sweat glands.

The Best Herbs That Effectively Increase Breast Milk Production

Fennel Seeds

These galactagogues also stimulate breast milk productions. Adding them to your diet will help your digestion.
On top of that, they have colic fighting abilities that are good for your baby.

Cumin Seeds

A seed that you need in your diet when you lack breast milk. They are very effective when it comes to improving the digestive system.
They will help you with the bloating, acidity, and constipation.
Cumin seeds are rich in iron, giving you the important strength to recover faster after delivering your baby.


The antioxidants rich herb found its place here. Alfalfa is packed with minerals and vitamins. This is enough for stimulating milk productions.
Including this herb in your diet will allow you to feed your baby without further problems.
Add it in soups and salads.

The Best Herbs That Effectively Increase Breast Milk Production


This food is from my mother. She was consuming garlic when she was lacking milk for breastfeeding my sister. When she found out about my problem she recommended garlic right away.
The herb helps babies improve their sucking and latching.


I enjoyed consuming ginger while I was breastfeeding my baby. The garlic and ginger helped me have enough food for my little angel.
If you don’t like garlic, ginger is the best alternative. The root is galactagogue and blood tonic.
Add it to your meals to maintain good milk flow. You can make ginger tea and combine it with raw honey for better taste.

The Best Herbs That Effectively Increase Breast Milk Production
I used ginger and garlic during my breastfeeding period. And water. Lots of water.
If you lack breast milk, you should include these foods in your diet. They will help you get over your problems. You will raise a strong and healthy child.
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