Here Are 4 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Full Of Parasites

There are many people who have parasites in their bodies but are not aware of that. Just imagining that is an awful thing. Parasites are actually microorganisms that live off other organisms, thus anybody is able to get the parasitic infection.

There are different symptoms which appear when there is a parasite in one's body, see what they are:

Chronic Digestive Problems

  • When there is intestinal parasite infestation, inflammation is causing which destroys the intestinal lining to the gut.
  • This leads to chronic diarrhea.
  • The toxic waste which is produced by the parasites causes gas, bloating, nausea, constipation, and burning sensation in the belly.
  • If you consume foods which are high in fiber and are highly alkaline daily, and you still experience diarrhea or other digestive problems, then you should consider the parasite cleanse.

Abdominal Pain

  • The parasites that live in the upper small intestinal region cause irritation and inflammation, leading to bloated feeling and pain.
  • Parasites are able to block the passage of waste products to exit the body, leading to pain in the abdomen (the upper part).
  • Such pain is connected to roundworm, fluke, hookworm, or tapeworm intestinal infestations.
  • According to one study from 1986, hookworm infestation is the main cause of abdominal discomfort, especially adults that have recently traveled abroad.
  • Visit a doctor if you have a sudden onset of severe abdominal pain from time to time.

Anal Itching

  • Those who suffer from pinworms complain of anal discomfort or itching which appears often at night when the female worms lay eggs – it is caused as they migrate to lay the eggs around the anus which irritate it and cause crawling, itching sensations, or even acute pain.
  • If the area is being scratched, then the skin may easily break down, increasing the risk of a secondary bacterial infection.
  • Due to itching happens at night, sleep disturbances and restlessness may appear.
  • If this happens for a period longer than 2 weeks and there is no sign of rashes, visit a doctor.

Fatigue & Weakness

  • It is connected to intestinal worms which deplete the body of vital nutrients by feeding on the food you consume.
  • When there is malabsorption of essential minerals, fats, vitamins, and carbohydrates, the body becomes weak, which leaves you exhausted, depressed, and a feeling of apathy.
  • You remain exhausted at mental, physical, and emotional levels.
  • The toxic metabolic waste overload which is produced by the parasites can cause the organs to work harder in order to eliminate the waste, leading to fatigue, low energy, lethargy, and excessive weakness.
  • You should consult a doctor if you feel unrelenting fatigue, even after eating and sleeping properly.



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