7 Body Odors That Might Be A Sign Of A Health Problem

 This subject is a little bit embarrassing, but we need to talk about it. After all, an unpleasant smell can be an alert for something serious happening in your body. Did you know that? 

As much as we like to be always smelling good, it is normal to exude some not very pleasant odors after a heavy workout or after eating a dish loaded with garlic. It certainly has happened to you at some point. 

Usually, these unpleasant smells are gone after a shower or after brushing our teeth. Have you ever noticed that?

However, some other smells can persist even after taking all the necessary hygiene measures. 

And that's why it is necessary to pay attention to those odors. 

Did you know that the odors of our bodies can show some health issues?

Learn now about 6 body odors that should not be ignored because they can be signals of diseases!

3 health issues detected through your breath 

If your breath smells like rotten eggs and even flossing or a breath mint aren't enough to stop the smell, you might have a bacterial infection in your mouth. 

Besides that, if you have a fruity breath, it might be a signal of diabetes. 

Now, if you have good oral hygiene habits and always brush your teeth, but still suffer from bad breath, it might be a signal of sleep apnea.  

Bad smelling feet 

Did you know that your shoes might not be the cause of your smelly feet? If your feet perspire excessively during the whole day, be it during the summer or winter, it might be that you suffer from hyperhidrosis, which makes your feet sweat excessively and in an unpredictable way, even if the temperature is low or while you are resting. 

Foul-smelling stools 

Well, yeah, feces never smell good, but if they are smelling even worse than usual, it might be an indicator of lactose intolerance. 

Urine with a strong

odor If, while peeing, you notice that it is smelling very strong, you might have a urinary tract infection. 

If you suffer from any of those bad odors, talk to a doctor and have the necessary exams to treat your problem in the best way.


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