6 Weight Loss Smoothies That'll Help You Slim Down


In today's video, you will learn how to lose weight with detox juices. Do you want to know how? Then, stay tuned!

Did you know you can lose weight naturally and healthily?

The good news is that by choosing the right ingredients, you can lose weight and stay healthy by drinking detox juices. 

Do you know why it happens? Because these recipes take many different fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Some of the benefits of detox juices are:

Antioxidant action; 

Help strengthen the immune system; 

Rich in fiber, which improves intestinal transit; 

Aid in weight loss; 

Take ingredients that are beneficial to our health by helping cleanse the body. 

6 Delicious Detox Juices That Will Help You Lose Weight

Green detox juice for weight loss

This juice takes melon, pineapple, green apple, and coconut water. 

Diuretic green juice

This recipe takes lemon, collard greens, cucumber, apple, and mint. 

Energizing juice

For this recipe, you will need orange, carrot, collard greens, pear, and ginger. 

Antioxidant green juice for weight loss

This juice takes lemon, collard greens, frozen red fruits, and mint. 

Invigorating green juice

This recipe calls for orange, collard greens, apple, pineapple, golden flaxseed, ginger, parsley, and mint. 

Hydrating green juice

For this recipe, you will need coconut water, collard greens, lemon, chia, ginger, and watercress. 

How to consume weight loss smoothies

According to nutritionists, it is better to drink these juices in the morning while fasting. 

Starting your day with a glass of detox juice will ensure you get a good amount of fiber and vitamins. 

Also, when you drink these juices on an empty stomach, the nutrient absorption is potentialized since your digestive system is "clean." 

But you can, of course, drink these juices at other times. Although most people suggest drinking it for your breakfast, you can also make a detox juice for an afternoon snack. 

So, what do you think about adding these juices to your menu, which, besides thoroughly cleansing your body, will also boost your weight loss?


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