20 Easy Ways to Draw Fish

Hello everyone!

I'm back with another blog post about drawing ideas!

Here are some easy ways to draw fish that you can put in your sketchbook or doodle page.

I've tried to include a lot of different kinds so that you can find an idea that fits your level of drawing skill or interest.

I suggest making a pencil sketch of your drawing first, then going over it with an ink pen and wiping away your pencil sketch. I hope this is helpful, and have fun!

1. Easy Doodling

Let's start with some simple sketches of fish swimming together. You can make as many as you like.

2. Picture of fish

So many different kinds of fish live in the ocean. Here are some easy drawings of fish that you can try.

3. Fish

I've always wanted to one day have a big tank full of goldfish.

Here is a sketch of a Ranchu goldfish for you to copy. I used colored pencils to color him in.

4. Shapes of Fish: Here's a fun way to draw fish: make them out of shapes.

5. Fish Are Cute

Next, let's draw a fish in a way that is easy and cute.

6. Fishing

Next, draw this cute little doodle of a catfish.

7. Making bubbles

Here is a quick and fun drawing of a fish blowing bubbles.

8. Clowfish

I don't think I've ever drawn a clownfish before, even though their patterns and colors are so fun to draw.

9. A Scared Goldfish

A shy goldfish hiding behind a wall is a cute idea for a drawing.

10. Shark

Sharks were one of my favorite animals to draw when I was a kid. Here are some easy doodles of sharks to help you get better at drawing them.

11. Guppy Fish: Here's an idea for a colorful guppy fish drawing. I used different colors of colored pencils to make a blended look.

12. Fish and the Moon

I love drawing the moon and stars, so here's one for our blog post about fish.

Here's another one. I liked both of these drawings so much that I couldn't pick just one to post here.

13. The Blue Marlin

Here's an idea for a drawing of a Blue Marlin or Swordfish jumping out of the water.

14. Striped Fish: Here's an easy sketch of a fish with stripes.

15. Fishbowl

Here's a funny picture to draw of a fish jumping out of a fish bowl.


The shape of a sunfish's body is so interesting that I just had to draw one. They are also so cute!

17. The Angry Fish

Some fish have a frowning, unimpressed look when they are at rest, so I made a grumpy fish based on them.

18. Fish While Wearing Sunglasses

I like drawing animals with sunglasses, so here's a quick sketch of our fish friend with a pair on.

19. Puffer Fish: Here's a quick sketch of a puffer fish, which you can also draw.

20. The Yin and Yang Fish

The last drawing idea on our list is a creative take on the yin-yang symbol that uses fish.

As always, thank you so much for reading this blog post!

I hope you got some cool, interesting, or cute ideas for drawing to add to your day's doodles.

This blog has a lot of drawing ideas, so feel free to look around for more drawing or painting ideas.

I hope you have a great day or night, and we'll talk again soon.

Help each other out!


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