You Can Ease Your Worries by Applying Pressure to Your Shen Men.

A person's knowledge of their body and experimentation with alternative healing methods were the only options before the widespread availability of antibiotics and other modern medical treatments. In India, they practiced Ayurveda, and in China, they used acupressure. The ancient peoples of these regions had a profound understanding of the human body, which accounted for the surprising success of these practices. Even now, people are turning to these practices in an effort to improve their health or eliminate an existing illness.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine technique based on the idea that specific pressure points can influence the body as a whole. Therefore, there will be multiple locations where force can be exerted using this method. 'Shen Men' is a specific area that, according to this Chinese healing method, will immediately help by releasing any stress you are feeling and getting rid of insomnia or nervousness.

The upper part of the inner ear is home to the acupressure point Shen Men. Activating it merely requires a light, repetitive massage. And once it's turned on, it'll do a slow, steady job of removing all that pent-up tension from your system. It's not just a stress reliever; it also helps the immune system, lowers stress, and gives you more energy.

What Technique Will You Use To Rub The Area Known As Shen Men?

It is not difficult to activate your Shen Men. If you follow these directions carefully, you should be able to land on target.

The first step is to place a finger on a specific point in your ear.

Apply some massage pressure and rub it in.

A slow inhale and exhale should be performed at the same time as massaging at that point.

Look to your left as you take a deep breath in. Focus on the right as you exhale. However, while looking in either direction, keep your head still.

Now, gently reconnect with your physical self. You'll notice a tidal wave of calm washing over it.


Don't try to massage the Shen Men point with your whole hand. Keep in mind that this is a pinpoint location that is extremely difficult to reach. Take advantage of it with your fingers.

* You already know what to do if you start to feel overwhelmed by stress. Rub the Shen Men point with your fingertips.

*Massage the Shen Men point when you want a good night's sleep but suspect you won't be able to get it. You need to rest to look your best.

The Shen Men point is just one of the many unsolved puzzles that make up the human body. Finally, the key is in your hand.



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