Tuts+ Community Project: See Our Halloween Showcase!

This month we celebrated all things wickedly spooky here at Tuts+. And of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete without a fun community project to inspire fear in us all.
Feeling brave? Well today we dare you to sneak a peek into our designers graveyard, complete with 15 new gravestones from our creative and talented readers.
Want to see more? Check out the original post for this community project to see the interesting ways Tuts+ instructors took their final breaths.
Enjoy these spook-tacular gravestones created by our readers! As always, show them some love in the comments section.
Rowena Aitken Gravestone
My name is Rowena but feel free to call me, "Ro." I'm an Edinburgh-based, coffee-drinking, cat-bothering, illustrator who loves drawing in Adobe Photoshop. Occasionally, I get my pencil case out too! I have recently started creating tutorials for Tuts+. When I'm not illustrating or cat-bothering my time is filled with running, swimming, and reading.
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Jenny Le Gravestone
I'm Jenny Le, a self-taught artist from Vietnam who loves drawing and photo manipulation. I was not brave enough to "bury" myself so I imagined a gravestone for an anonymous person.
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Mario McMeans Gravestone
My name is Mario, "The Design Nomad." I've studied under print masters and vector monks for over 10 years, but have decided to seek knowledge and the true meaning of "design-fu" on my own. My search for knowledge has taken me to the farthest reaches of the world. I do not know what will become of my journey, but I welcome the challenge.
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Nick Carbone Gravestone
My name is Nick and this is the gravestone I made. I hope everyone likes it!
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Franck Beaume
Hi there! My name is Franck! I am really happy to join this post, it's always a great pleasure to share work with Tuts+. Here is my gravestone created with Photoshop. I always try to think outside the box before finishing the inside.
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Sandi Van Winkle Gravestone
Here lies "Sassy Jones." I've used this moniker before as a fun fictional character in several Halloween-inspired illustrations and designs. I teach Graphic Design and Illustration to high school students. I also work as a Freelance Illustrator and Designer. I've worked in print and television for the last 20 years and use Tuts+ all the time with my students. There are so many great tutorials that help me to teach the tools along with the theories of good design. Thanks for allowing me to share this with you!
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Lucas Kern Gravestone
Hello! I am a freshmen at RIT studying New Media, Interactive Development. I love design and Photoshop as well as video production and much more. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I really enjoyed this project! I wanted to go less gloomy, with a more cartoon-like look that popped on the screen. Overall I am happy with it but I would change the grass if I went back. Loving everyone's submissions, keep up the good work, and have a Happy Halloween!
Sam Tochelli Gravestone
Here's my gravestone! I made this for a design class and decided to submit it here as well for some feedback.
Apriet S Kenig Gravestone
Here's mine for our New Media Design class project.
Philip Petronis Gravestone
Also a New Media Design project submission.
Kiran Venugopalan Gravestone
Hi! I am Kiran Venugopalan and I'm currently working as a Motion Graphics Animator/Designer in Mumbai India. I am new to Adobe Illustrator but I have always used Photoshop and After Effects so I took this chance to learn it and created a little scene in Illustrator. Halloween and Diwali almost always overlap when you think about festivals on a global scale. So the sparklers are the sign for Diwali, and the Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween! I hope you like it, Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween!
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AaCsh Shrestha Gravestone
I'm AaCsh Shrestha, a Nepal-based creative designer with an extreme love for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Tuts+ has many a time saved me from getting viciously murdered by some evil clients!
Brian Miller Gravestone
Here's my entry, I was trying to find some other items to add but work got in the way! Enjoy!
The Leading Past Gravestone
Hi! I go by the pseudonym, "The Leading Past," and this is my interpretation of a monolithic-styled, tron-gothic headstone. As with most of my work, the process includes a multi-platform exchange between Illustrator and Photoshop.
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Melody NIeves Gravestone
I'm Melody! A Digital Artist and instructor here at Tuts+. You may know me from the Design & Illustration Community Projects, so feel free to reach out and let me know what you'd like to do next!
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Here's a special thank you to the teacher and students from RIT's New Media Design class, who so graciously joined us for this challenge. I hope you all had a lot of fun and will join us in the future for more Tuts+ Community Projects. Good luck on your design journey and to all those who submitted!


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