DICETINY Coming Soon to Mobile

Fakedice announced today that their digital board game, card collecting, and RPG mash-up, DICETINY is being developed for mobile devices.

In DICETINY, the player selects one of the four classes whose weapons are the die and cards which are used to battle monsters scattered around on the board that come in different styles depending on the stage, and ultimately slay the boss who, when defeated, leaves a random card drop to collect and build his/her own deck.

DICETINY Screenshot

The game aims to capture the heart of board game, collectible card game, and RPG fans alike.
Here are the game's features.
- Use various card skills
- Addictive card collecting
- Battle with interesting monsters/bosses
- Various maps with unique features
- The unique art style
- Humors and parodies

DICETINY Screenshot

The game's currently aiming for summer 2015 to launch on Android and iOS. Please follow them on Twitter or Facebook to be updated. You can also check out its trailer below:


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