How to Build Micro Niche Sites to Earn More

Micro Niche Sites To Make Money
We all know, a Website can be categorised in icrany ways. A Niche site, Niche-less site, Micro-niche site and so on. Building an authoritative niche site requires time, patience and lots of dedication. Where as, building a Micro-niche site, requires a perfect strategy, planning and your expertise. Specially, after Google Algorithm changes, niche sites are performing really well. If you are one of those quality bloggers or internet-marketer, you can always build a quality micro-niche Website, and earn a huge chunk of money from Advertising or other monetization techniques.
Micro niche site income report
In this guide, I will be sharing everything you need to build a Micro-niche site, and how you can earn great deal of money from it.

What are Microniche Websites?

Micro-Niche websites are the perfect way to add some extra amount of money in your monthly income.  Niche websites are specific and targeted towards a micro-topic or keyword. These websites do not exactly get a lot of traffic but they tend to make more money in less traffic. One reason for the same is, you get quality targeted traffic, and they convert better than un-targeted traffic. You can use any monetization techniques like- AdSense, ClickBank, Affiliate program, CPA or use it to sell eBooks.
An example for such micro niche sites are:
  • Hostgator Coupons
  • Cydia guide
  • Buy fake iPhone
There are lot of things to be done before making a micro-niche website.  Simply making a website on a certain keyword is not going to to do well. You have to make sure that your niche website is going to earn money as expected else there is no point of making it. Here I am going to explain few things that you need to do and the success of your niche website will totally depend upon it.

Building a Profitable Micro Niche Site:

Few important point that you must understood are:
  1. The Right Keyword for Domain Name
  2. Primary Keyword of Your Website
  3. Niche Website Content Strategy
  4. Monetizing the Niche Website
  5. Google Ranking of your Niche website
The Right Keyword
The first step towards a successful M-niche website lies in its domain. Niche website is going to work perfectly only when you have the right keyword in your domain name. Finding the right SEO keyword can be tricky sometimes.  However, there are lot of things from which you can easily pickup ideas to find a right keyword. For example, you can use Google trends, Google Instant, Online Ads, Magazines. They all give a lot of ideas.
In my view, these ideas can be of two types:
  • Local 
  • Global
Local simply means country specific i.e. topic will get most of the traffic from your own Country and Global means worldwide traffic. However being global is always the right choice. Once you get the idea, it’s time to find the right domain name for it. I suggest you to use Google Adwords keyword tool for getting the keyword ideas.
Before you start searching for keyword to find your right domain name, here are few things that you must keep in mind:
  1. Limit the Global search to around 4K i.e. 4000 searches per month.
  2. Competition should be medium or high.
Now hit the search button. You will get many keywords. Select four or five out of them and search them in Google. Check the results on the first page. If the results appear from e-commerce websites such as ebay, Amazon, then skip the keyword. If the results have very high ranking websites (If you have Alexa toolbar installed in your browser, it will show you the ranking of the websites appearing in results) skip that keyword because there is no way that you can beat those websites with a new one. You can also use software like Longtail pro, which will help you to find profitable domain name for your micro-niche site.
If you see mostly blogs and websites of low ranking ( Few of them will always be higher but that’s not going to effect ) and they don’t match the exact keyword in their title then register the domain name for you niche website.
Primary Keyword of Your domain name 
Your domain name is the primary keyword of your website. Your whole niche website revolves around your primary keyword. You will rank higher in Google search results for your primary keyword and that’s what our target is.  Next thing that you need to do is:
According to SEOdebunked report, quality articles with more length, perform really well in search engines.
Niche Website Content Strategy
Content strategy is very important in order to regularly update your niche website and to gain traffic to other articles. Now its time to create more content on your niche website. Here is how you are going to do it..
  • Search for long tail keywords related to your primary keyword.
  • Write at least 15-20 secondary articles over the next 3-4 weeks.
  • The minimum word limit of these articles should be 350-400 words. More it is, better it is.
  • Interlink the articles very well. Take advantage of plugins like Insights, SEO Smart link.
  • Articles should be 100% original and of best quality.
Install Editorial calendar WordPress plugin, and schedule your content for next 1-2 months. A regular flow of article is important, to attain the authority. Now your micro-niche website has a primary article which is your homepage and number of secondary articles targeting long tail keywords in Google searches. You can add more articles if the websites shows better traffic results.
Monetizing the Niche Website
There are various ways to monetize your niche website. You need to choose one which can give you maximum possible revenue. I mainly use these 3 ways to monetize my niche websites:
Since, we have taken CPC as a factor while planning out the content strategy, AdSense will ensure a great profit for you. In fact if you are getting US, UK and traffic from Canada, then money earned will be much higher.  Along with this, you can pick few related affiliate products to promote, and this will help you to earn more with your micro niche website.
Amazon affiliate program gives 4% commission in beginning which usually increases up to 14% with increasing number of sales. Choose which ever you like and it’s also easy to get the affiliate account. If you don’t have one, simply sign up for the account. It’s free.

Google Ranking of Your Niche Website

Google rolled out exact match domain penalty some time back, and it was targeted to penalize micro-niche Website with low quality content. In our case, we are not building a low-quality website, rather we are building profitable high-quality micro niche website. We have already done most of the task by writing quality content. Now, focus on improving the SEO of your micro-niche blog. Here are two guides, which will help you:
As you have a domain name with your primary keyword in it, It will give you a boost to rank up in Google quickly. Secondly, secondary articles will get traffic for long tail keywords. You will soon see some starting traffic on your website. Initially, no backlinks are required for the niche website because it’s targeted and specific. Having the primary keyword in the domain name has its own advantages and it’s one of them.

Now, to further boost the ranking of your Website, here are few things that you could do:
Visit websites of same niche as yourself and comment something useful related to the blog post. Comment on atleast 20-25 websites over 1-2 weeks. It will give  generate some backlinks for your niche website helping it to rank better and get more traffic.

Conclusion: Your rank and traffic will get better over time. The niche website will generate more revenue in less traffic as the chosen keyword has a high CPC as already explained. You will also get many other long tail keyword traffic. Niche website will also get few sales if you monetized with affiliate accounts. So if you are planning to make one or if you are already working on a niche website, do share your experience right here.


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