Jailbroken PS3 4.60 CFW FERROX BD EDITION firmware released

After the release of 4.60 OFW , Alexander has released CFW 4.60 FERROX version 1.00. This is the BD EDITION, this is to be installed on consoles with a BD DRIVE functioning. If you don't have a functioning BD DRIVE, DO NOT INSTALL THIS. More details below..

- Built on the basis OFW 4.60
- Disabled the coreOs and control ECDSA
- LV1: patched to remove the protection LV2
- LV1: patched coreOs Hash Check (prevents the brick consoles downgradate not dehashed)
- LV1: Peek & Poke
- LV2: Peek & Poke
- Compatibility PS2 Games
- PSP Games Remastered Compatibility
- Compatibility Games PSP Minis
- Key 4.60 (start games with keys 4.xx EBOOT / sprx)
- PSN / SEN Enabled.
- RSOD Screen Bypass for consoles suffering from RSOD
- PS3 BT Remote patch
- Patch PS3 BluRay DISC
- Compatibility with the latest version of the REACTPSN
- app_home/PS3_GAME *
- * Install Package Files
- Ability to Downgrade from OFW 3:55 with QA on.
- Upgradeable from any CFW's
- InGame XMB Support ScreenShot Feature
- Supports Remote Play Feature
- Stability as nell'OFW 4.60
- Possible Downgrade any custom firmware with QA enabled. ONLY BUG : Report the error on startup of the Backup Original 80,010,017. This, however, should not compromise the start of the new Babkup Bootable Backup Manager updated with the payload 4.60. We will try to resolve as soon as possible, just figured out where the problem lies.

CECH 2004A - Via XMB with System Update Debug ON - From 4:55 HABIB CFW / COBRA without SPOOF.
CECHG04 - Tested and Working.

The FW is very similar to the 4:55 then there have been no tests on all models of the PS3. I did the test on my console and it was fine, clean installation, and all Feature running. However do yourself a favor and backup the NOR or NAND, for safety. Unfortunately there are still no Backup Manager updated, so you'll have to wait a little.

MD5: 5F65A07BEAA6733BE202479C47DB248D

Source: Openmodding

You can update your JAILBROKEN PS3 using the files above and following my tutorial below, the process is the exact same.

Keep in mind that MultiMan will NOT WORK with this firmware. So you're better off waiting until MultiMan is updated to be used on 4.6 CFW


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