Microsoft kicked off its ’12 Days of Deals’ with a Windows 8.1 tablet for $79

As we get closer to Christmas, the Microsoft once again has begun its “12 Days of Deals” promotion. During the next 12 days the Microsoft Store (online and at selected locations) will offer big discounts on technology products, each deal last a one day and quantities are available until supplies last.

It’s important to note that the Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals offering is not available on every country. Thus far I know the promotion is available in the United States and Canada starting today. Also the deals are different per-territory, for example, the Microsoft Store in the U.S. is kicking off the promotion with the Toshiba Encore Mini tablet for $79 (regular price $119) bundled with a 16GB Micro SD card ($20 value). Although, it’s a good value, you should stay away from this offer as this tablet hasn’t have any good reviews, mostly because of the horrible screen.

Tomorrow, December 9th, the Store will be offering an unlocked BLU Win HD phone for only $129 (regular price $179), and this is a good deal you should take advantage.

All deals start at 8 AM Easter Time and if you happen to live near to a Microsoft Store, you can get even bigger discounts, when you pick up the product before noon.

Now the Microsoft Store in Canada today is kicking off the 12 Days of Deals with an Acer Aspire ES1 Signature Edition Laptop for only $199. This is an $80 saving. And tomorrow the store will also feature the same unlocked Blu Win HD Phone for $129.

Not all the offers for the 12 days are revealed at once, you’ll have to keep checking each day to see new deals.
If you know other countries with similar offers, please share the info in the comments below.


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