Nothing Can Stop Barty - Innovative Parkour Game Barty Run

Barty is a clever pink pig landing on a dangerous island for the same reason as Lodumani, that is, to look for treasure. Barty Run is an interesting parkour with beautiful scenes and characters which will undoubtedly give you a special experience while you're running to avoid the sharp spear, look out the attack from dangerous animals and escape the clutches of Lodumani.


No matter from the graphic or the gameplay, Barty can be an interesting and innovative parkour. When seeing the beautiful jungle and all kinds of colour & lustre fruits, you'll like it. The controls work great and are very intuitive, the characters are fun with hilarious facial expression. Pay attention to those bananas hidden behind jungle. Keep eating them can help you save strength, otherwise you'll be caught by Lodumani soon.

Barty cannot be controlled who will go on his default way, while the controlled object is things around it. For instance, usually we slide left or right can control the character to move and jump, but Barty Run is different. If you want to eat banana, you need to slide across it, and the same is to gold. When you meet a poisonous mushroom, pushing it down will help Barty passing smoothly.


Barty Run Features:
● Innovative game play, use different gestures to defeat enemies!
● Amazing 2D and 3D graphics
● Beautiful side parallax scrolling endless level
● Upgradeable power ups and abilities
● Physics based banana throwing
● Simple and fun to play but challenging to master
● Leaderboards and achievements. Play and compete with your friends


Barty can revive by exchanging life with banana and continue running, but if dead over three times, you'll get to buy live from shop, so be careful! Why not exercise your counterfactual thinking ability right now?


Barty Run is available on Get5 Store and App Store:
available_on_googleplay available_on_appstore


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