Community Project Showcase: Your First Creations—Part Two

We all come from humble beginnings. And when that dreaded creative block hits, sometimes the best thing you can do is see how far you've come with a little trip down memory lane. 
We asked you to take us along your personal journey, from the first art you ever created digitally to what you're creating today, and the results were amazing! Let's take a look!
Take a look at these incredible comparisons from our readers below. Show them some love in the comments, and feel free to tell us more about your own art journey!

Past and Present Art by Jenny Le

I'm Jenny Le from Vietnam, and I've been reading Tuts+ since 2010 when I first started learning Photoshop. I was so impressed by the artworks and tutorials here and wished I could create such awesome pieces one day. Here is my first photo manipulation made in October 2010, and one of my newest works from December 2014 named, "Flowers Lullaby".
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Past and Present Art by Usha Desai

Tuts+ has been my tutor and guide for more than three years. There is nothing as helpful as Tuts+ tutorials on the web to learn vector illustrations. Today, I have included my stock vectors from GraphicRiver and look forward to more challenging projects.
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Past and Present Art by Aundria Martinez

As an artist, my joy is dreaming and creating. On the job, that translates into work like invitations, creating custom graphics for clients, newsletter design, and cutting vinyl. At home, I enjoy writing, painting, and making jewelry and other crafts in my spare time. Above are sample character designs. The first is from 2007 when I started experimenting with CG, and the second is from 2012 of a character design for a friend.
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Past and Present Art by Kiran Venugopalan

I am Kiran Venugopalan and I'm currently working as a Motion Graphics Designer.
I discovered Photoshop in 2009 by accident (although I have been drawing on paper since I was a kid). Five years later, I have learned so much thanks to Tuts+ and the proof is in the pudding! I work in After Effects mostly, but I love Photoshop and Illustrator too! I am a "Jack of all trades", so I posted my favorite artworks from the years 2009 to 2015. My design process has come a long way!
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Past and Present Art by Alice Catrinel

My first "serious" attempt at digital painting was way back in 2007. It was done with only a mouse and I was so proud of myself! Since I lived in a small town at the time, I used tutorials to learn how to draw better, and acquired a tablet several years later. My journey was not without bumps, but I did manage to get this far today.
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Past and Present Art by Arvydas Venckus

I'm Arvydas Venckus from Lithuania. I've been into pencil drawings my whole life, but when I bought my first tablet I started to take digital art more seriously. During these four years from my first completed digital painting, I made a few mobile game designs, web designs, tons of portraits, some illustrations, murals, 3D architectural visualizations, and the list goes on. Nowadays it's a bit harder to find time for art, because it's my final year in gymnasium and exams are near, but whenever I get a free minute I try to improve as much as I can!
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Past and Present Art by Franck Beaume

Hi, I'm Franck (Tuts+ Community Project addict)! There are so many awful projects on my backup drives but I think I've found the worst. It dates back to 2009 and was made for a "photo manipulation" contest. Hope you don't like it! I am a self-educated Photoshop user and in six years of practice I have learned many things, including: always try to improve your skills, push the limits of each tool, be vigilant about details, emphasize quality over quantity, share your works, and take each comment as an opportunity to improve. The most recent project is one of my 2014 personal works, "Stratospheric Jump", made for the 2014 Fotolia 10 Collection Contest.
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Past and Present Art by Iti Shree

I am a beginner and this is my first and latest work!

Past and Present Art by Trent M Stier

My name is Trent M. Stier, and I am out of Omaha, Nebraska. I have been working as a full time Graphic Designer for two years now, and I feel that I improved quite a bit since I started drawing. I visit Tuts+ daily and work through as many of the tutorials as I can, so I know that is one of the major reasons for my improvement.
Feeling a little left out? If you are new to digital art, feel free to take a look at these learning guides to kick off your own amazing creations. Good luck!


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