Deadly Shooting Spree Takes Place At Military Camp Where Psy, Jang Soo Won And Actor Jung Suk Won Train

A deadly shooting spree took place at the Korean military training camp, where k-pop star Psy, singer Jang Soo Won and actor Jung Suk Won reported for their reserve training.
According to the Korean media outlets Joongang Daily, the tragic shooting incident took place on May 13 at the Naegok-dong military training camp in the Seocho District of Seoul.
"The soldier opened fire on his colleagues while receiving training at a military camp in Naegok-dong, southern Seoul, at around 10:44 a.m."
 The suspect, believed to be a 23-year-old reservist, identified as Choi, first fired ten training shots at a target. Then without warning he turned his K-2 assault rifle on his fellow soldiers, waiting in line behind him. He killed two soldiers and injured at least three others. One soldier died at the scene, another on the way to the hospital and a third soldier remains in critical condition. Another was treated and released. Those injured were taken to an armed forces hospital in Seoul.
After opening fire on his fellow soldiers, the suspect killed himself.
Singer Jang Soo Won was training nearby that day and heard the gunshots.
Jang Soo Won's agency, Daesung Entertainment, told Newsen that at first he did not think much of it.
"He said that he heard gun shots during the training," said the Daesung Entertainment representative. "He didn′t think too much about it at first as gunshots are usually fired at the shooting range."
Fortunately, he was not close by.
"He was able to safely leave the camp. He was shocked."
Psy was also in the camp an hour before the incident.
Yonhap News quoted a source close to Psy saying that he was granted leave due to an afternoon engagement. He did not hear about the shooting rampage until later. Actor Jung Suk Won also left early that day because of a scheduled event and plans to return to make up for that day.
All South Korean men, between the ages of 18 and 35, are expected to serve two years of military service. A year after completing their active service, reservists must take part in an annual three-day training session for up to six years. Psy, Jang Su Won and Jung Suk Won were at the camp for their three-day training sessions.


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