Microsoft has unveiled the logo for its long-awaited IE replacement, Edge.

microsoft edge
The new logo takes inspiration from their previous Internet Explorer design
A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that its age-old browser, Internet Explorer, would finally be put to rest. The new Edge browser for Windows 10 would be IE's long-awaited replacement, with the new browser designed to showcase the software giant's foward-thinking and innovative approach to the future of the web.
Unveiling the new browser name during the Build 2015 keynote, the logo was showcased shortly after. Clearly taking inspiration from their previous Internet Explorer design with that all-too-familiar 'e', with the Internet Explorer halo still in play. Could this mean Microsoft are reluctant to step into the future?
Internet Explorer's familiar old logo
Microsoft Edge will be the active browser in Windows 10 but that doesn't mean Internet Explorer will totally go away. The new browser will feature a wide range of digital tools that could make it a favourite among web enthusiasts. Only time will tell. Let us know what you think of the new logo in the comments box below!
[via PCworld]


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