3-year-old is hospitalized after playing with outdoor toy. Now Dad is warning other parents

Josh McClane heard his son 3-year-old son Judson scream while playing in the backyard with his sister Jasmine and assumed the boy was bitten by an insect, however, it was much worse.
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It was something that could have taken his son’s life. That’s why he’s warning other parents about how to avoid snake bites so other parents won’t have to go through the horror that he went through.
“I heard him yelp real loud,” McClane told KATV News. “I figured it was an ant or maybe a wasp.”
When he saw two giant bite marks on his son’s leg he began to panic.
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A huge snake coiled itself under his son’s toy dump truck and attacked the child when he went to go play with his truck.
After being rushed to Little Rock’s Children’s Hospital, they discovered that the snake that Judson was bitten by a cottonmouth snake, a venomous snake also known as a water moccasin. Judson had to be given 16 vials of antivenom to fight off the snake’s poison.
Source: KATV News Screenshot
McClane spoke with KATV News about important outdoor safety measures. Here’s how you can make your backyard safe:
  • Pick up lawn items every evening
  • Look over or walk through the backyard before the kids go out to play
  • Snakes like warm spaces so be careful when you turn items over or move them in your yard
  • Snakes like wet places where they can sit in the sun so you may want to water your lawn less so you won’t attract them into your yard
  • Trim excess vegetation and brush so you can spot them easily and they have nowhere to hide
  • If you get rid of mice then you’ll get rid of your snakes because snakes love to eat mice and go where they go
  • Be wary of cool, wet, cave-like places that are covered, snakes like to hang out in places like that
  • Deter snakes by making loud noises, they will flee from the vibrations
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