Boy asks stepfather 4 questions – moves him to tears when the last is “Will you adopt me?”

The bond between a child and a parent is always special, but that bond doesn’t always have to be biological to be unique and strong. Bonds of love aren’t always related by blood, and you certainly don’t need to share blood to be family.
That’s just the case between this little boy and his stepdad, who definitely have a very special relationship with each other. The little boy surprised his stepfather with a very heartwarming letter.

Source: Matthew A. Cherry

“I’ve learned so much from you,” he wrote and spoke at the beginning of his letter. “I asked Mom, ‘What’s the difference between a step-dad and a real dad?’ I don’t get it sometimes.”
“You have been here for everything”, the little boy says emotionally. “All my school programs, and all my sports, and everytime I act up you take me everywhere.”

Source: Matthew A. Cherry

The little boy then recalls a bunch of places that the two went to for some quality time together. When the boy is nearing the end of his letter, his stepdad is already becoming quite emotional.
Then, the boy asks him three remarkable and heartfelt questions.

“Do you love me? Do you love Mom? Can you live without us?”

Without a shadow of a doubt, his stepdad responds positively to all three of his questions. At last, the boy has one final request for his stepdad.

“Let’s stop playing and make it official. Will you do me the biggest favor in the world? Will you adopt me?”

Source: Matthew A. Cherry

Immediately after, the man bursts into tears and gives his son a warm and big hug. True love!
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Source: Matthew A. Cherry


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