Struggling cashier scans greeting card, bursts into tears when she sees $500 inside for her

Daniel Fernandez is a talented magician and often posts some of his tricks on YouTube, but this recent video he posted is even more magical than usual. Daniel met a very friendly cashier at a convenience store, Debi. She’s always interested in the people that come to her register and keeps on smiling, no matter what.
Source: Daniel Fernandez
The YouTuber from Los Angeles needed some medication against a severe cough and was amazed by Debi’s friendliness and warmth. That’s why he decided to return and purchase a card in the store.
Daniel waited for the right moment so that he could hand the card to Debi. He initially told her that the card was for his girlfriend, but asked Debi to read it. When she saw the $500 inside, Debi was surprised and told Daniel that he would be getting lots of hugs and kisses from his girlfriend.
Source: Daniel Fernandez
That’s when Daniel stops her and tells her the card is actually meant for her.
“Debi, every time I come in here, you’re always smiling. Every time I come in here, you ask me how I am, and I look behind me, and every time you ask other people how they are … You deserve this because you are awesome.”
Debi truly can’t believe her eyes and even asks her store manager if she could accept the money. She immediately gave Daniel a gigantic hug and said “Thank you!” dozens of times.
She was in need of some financial aid as Debi had been riding the bus for the past seven years and couldn’t afford a car. Debi was overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotion saying that she’d finally be able to go to her work by car.
Source: Daniel Fernandez

When Daniel says to her that her smiling is contagious, she says that why she does it.

“Life is what you make it to be, and I choose to make you happy (…) and that’s just the way I roll. This has just proved to me that what I’m doing, I’m doing something right.”
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Source: Daniel Fernandez


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