Woman Thinks She Got A Great Deal On Amazon But Forgets To Read The Product Description

A 25-year-old woman named Blaque recently made a hilarious mistake on Amazon that all of us can relate to.

Source: Twitter/B_is_4Bombshell
Blaque makes wigs for others as a profession. Recently, she was shopping on Amazon for her business. After adding a new desk to her cart, her eyes spotted a gorgeous, clear chair that was advertised as an add-on item.
Source: Amazon

Best of all, the price was only advertised as $4.29.

That’s a great deal for a chair, and without much thought, Blaque added the chair to her cart. She later tells Huffington Post, “I didn’t think twice about the chair. I didn’t look at the description or reviews.”
A few days later, on May 23, 2017, Blaque received a package delivery from Amazon. Her chair had finally arrived. While it was a big box, she initially thought that it was a bit too small to fit a chair. She simply figured the chair had been delivered in pieces, and it needed to be assembled.

She opened the box and started to dig, but there was no chair in sight. There weren’t any pieces to assemble.

Then she finally stumbled upon a small white box, but it didn’t match anything she ordered.
She tells Huffington Post, “But there’s one small white box left and I’m trying to figure out what it is I ordered — I think we are all guilty of forgetting what we buy online.”

She opened the white box and discovered her clear chair inside.

“I immediately busted out laughing.”

Blaque realized her huge mistake. She had completely forgotten to read the product description for the chair. If you take a closer look, it says the chair is only 6″ tall. Blaque found her mistake extremely funny, and she quickly posted a photo of it on Twitter where it went viral.
People started replying to her tweet with their own similar experiences.
@B_is_4Bombshell This just happened to me with a bag of matcha tea powder, I thought for sure it'd be bigger even though I SHOULD know what 30g looks like 😂
For now, Blaque plans on keeping the miniature chair as a reminder of her mistake. I don’t think she’ll ever make this mistake again!
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Source: TwitterHuffington Post


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