Simple Tips For Losing Weight While You Sleep

I don’t know if I told you this, but when I want to test some new approach, I always gain weight first.
It’s not something extreme. It’s just a few pounds that will help me finish the plan successfully.

It happened to me before. Sometimes I can’t explain how I lose weight while I sleep. I know it’s the water that comes out of my body, but the weight loss amount is not always the same.

My husband and I spent the weekend at home while our kids were visiting their grandparents.
I wanted to discover what happens to the body while we sleep. That’s how we came to a new Weightloss and exercising plan for me to share with my clients.

Simple Tips For Losing Weight While You Sleep

The approach is a mix of everything we did successfully so far.
When we were finishing the whole product, I came to these ways that will help you boost up the weight loss process while you sleep.

They are simple modifications you need to do in your lifestyle. The most important thing is that these changes will give you the hunger satisfaction when you most need it.
Here we go:

The Sleep Switch

Eat lamb or a little bit of turkey. Both meets are full with Tryptophan. It’s an amino acid with powerful sleep-inducing effects.

Tea Time

Soothing your brain with a nice cup of tea right before sleep will become a ritual and tell your brain that it’s time for a relaxation.

Whole Grains Lunch

Carb-y lunch will is always better than a carbs-rich dinner. The Serotonin converts to melatonin in your stage 3 REM sleep. Keep the carbs reserved for your lunch, says Cat Smiley, a Whistler Fitness Vacations owner and weight loss retreat for women.

Small Portions for Night Cravings

Eating a full-plate dinner won’t do good for you. Your body will spend the night working to digest all the food you ate. Keeping the dinner in smaller portions will help your body digest the food faster, and you will wake up rested.

Strict Kitchen Hours

No cooking time after 7 p.m. That’s the spirit. Now, lock the kitchen. Put a sticky note on the kitchen door or fridge that you are not allowed to eat food after 7 p.m.
For the sake of your weight and health.

Smoothie Up Things

It’s the breakfast for champions.


Making a mint water or sniffing mint every once in a while will suppress your bottomless appetite. A study published in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine showed people who sniffed peppermint every two hours lost an average of 5 pounds.

The cold

A study published in the Journal Diabetes indicates that blasting up the conditioner or lowering the heat in winter will attack the belly fat while we are asleep. The fat will be forced to keep your body warm by burning the fat stored in your stomach.

Lights off

Exposure to light during night lowers the chances of a late night sleep. A good night sleep and rested body are equal to weight loss.

Ditch the iPad

People who enjoy in the nighttime glow of their iPad or TV don’t get enough rest and suffer from poor habits. These habits lead to obesity.

Blackout Shades

Blocking the light coming from the outside will give you an advantage for falling asleep. Compromising the melatonin, the hormone that puts your body to sleep, with light will make it harder for your mind to shut down.

Nice and Hot Shower

It ensures a good night’s sleep by relieving tension and relaxing the muscles.

Skip the Chocolate

It’s a cacao product that contains caffeine and sugar. It prevents your body from shutting down when it needs to do that.

A Glass of Wine

Wine is your favorite healthy drink. However, having more than a glass of it will prevent your body from indulging Rapid Eye Movement cycle. Plus, it’s full of sugar that you don’t need in big doses.
There you have it. These are a few simple tips you can do to improve your weight loss.
Mixing it with a healthy lifestyle and exercises is your best chance to reach your weight loss goal.

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