Why It’s Recommended to Sleep On Your Left Side

I keep listening to doctors who recommend sleeping on your left side.
I never knew the difference between sleeping positions.
Sleep is really one of the most important things you need to do.
It strengthens up your mental and physical rest.
On what side you sleep is equally important as how much you sleep.
The position can have a bigger impact on your overall health.
If you don’t sleep on your left side, this will make you start right now.

What’s up with the positions?

It’s really crucial to understand this.
– Sleeping on your back or front side could mean difficulties to breathe.
This is dangerous for those who suffer from apnea or asthma.
– Sleeping on your right side worsens your digestion problems.
– Sleeping on your left side improves those digestive symptoms.

Okay, I saw this coming, but are there more benefits of sleeping on my left side?

Why It's Recommended to Sleep On Your Left Side
I’m really glad you asked.

The health benefits of sleeping on the left side are massive.
Some doctors believe it saves your life.
In holistic medicine, the left side is the most dominate one.
It’s called the dominant lymphatic side.
Sleeping on it gives your body time to filter toxins, waste and lymph fluid through the lymph nodes and thoracic duct.

By sleeping on your right side you are making things difficult for the lymphatic system.
It runs really slowly. You don’t want that to be the case.

Why? – Long story short, it’s deadly!
If your lymphatic system is not running efficiently, the toxins will build up in your body.
This increases the risk of developing deadly diseases.
I told you it’s deadly.

If you change your sleeping position and sleep on your left side, the improvements will be noticeable.
You will find it easier to get rid of toxins through waste.
The whole digestive system is better positioned like that. You will allow it to do its job by extracting nutrients and getting rid of toxins.

Why It's Recommended to Sleep On Your Left Side

Okay I see… but how do I teach my body to sleep on the left side?

You naturally sleep on your right side or your back.
That habit is already here and it will be harder for you to change it.
It will take some time, but make sure you achieve the goal!
Practice makes perfect!
Here are some useful tips that will help you:

  •      Lay on your left side and press a full-length body pillow against your back. This will make the turning more difficult
  •      Switch the side of the bed you sleep on
  •      Keep a dim light lit on your ride side. Naturally, your body will avoid turning to the light during sleep.
Little changes for big benefits!
Practice this over and over again and it will become a habit to sleep on your left side.
Start tonight. It’s for your health!
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