Coke is Not Good for Your Health and Here is The Proof

I already talked about what a glass of coke does to your body.

If you missed it you can see it here.
This time I will try a different approach.
You’ve already heard tons of things said about coke.
Some say it’s highly beneficial. Can you imagine?
It causes addiction and there is no question about it.
You need to do everything in your power to quit your daily intake of coke.
The sugar and the other ingredients are slowly damaging your health.

Some people, who know what coke does to your body, still buy coke, but for a different reason.
Yes, you can use Coke for other things than drinking it.
I will try to do something now. I hope I will achieve my goal.
Let’s try this approach and tell me what you will conclude later.
First, I will show you 10 household uses of coke.
Right after you watch all the videos and learn something useful, your job is to compare this with what coke does to your body.
It’s easy and eye opening.
First things first, let’s see how you can use coke in your house:

Use this trick for getting the RUST off:

Clean all of your burnt pans (Soak them into Coke and rinse!)

Clean the oil stains from your driveway in just a couple of seconds

Clean the car engine or car battery. Some coke distributors have been using this method for many years

Make things shine really bright. Here is how it reacts on pennies:

Remove stains from vitreous china

Clean the TOILET!

Remove blood stains from clothing and fabric.

Remove RUST from Chrome in a couple of seconds:

Remove the paint off metal furniture (Soak a towel in Coke and then lay it on the paint surface)

As you can see, Coke has some really great industrial uses.
Is your body rusty? – If you are the Man of Steal, then maybe it is.
If not, you don’t need Coke to get the rust off.

I want to hear your thoughts on this. Coke rinses off rust and burns. It makes metal things shine again. It’s used for cleaning toilets, too.
What does this tell you? Can it be good for your health or not?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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