Complete 7-Days Meal Plan & 7 Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

Meal plans are really my thing. For all these months I’m hanging out with you through my posts you’ve probably learned that I’m against fast weight-loss diet plans, but I love planning meals.

The reason why I decided to share this 7-days meal plan is because of the cardio exercise.
I want to believe that if you follow the meal plans through the days of the week, you will start doing the cardio exercises.
They are attached and highly dependable one from another.
All other posts are focused on what you shouldn’t do. What you should avoid if you want to lose weight.
Less of them are focused on telling you what you need to do to get the weight you want to get.
Don’t get me wrong. Sharing useful information about what you shouldn’t do is highly important. Even I was sharing stories like that.
This time, it will be different. I found a nice meal plan you should follow if you want to lose weight.
This goes for all of those who don’t want to spend time planning all of this. You don’t have to do that. Somebody already did it for you.
The chart below shows everything. You just need to find your perfect healthy recipes for all the meals there. I bet you already know to cook some of these.

Complete 7-Days Meal Plan & 7 Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss
As you can see, this meal plan is nothing special. All of the meals are widely known, but it’s different when you have them planned for you.
The next thing you need to do is to print this list and attach it somewhere in your kitchen. Make sure it’s the first thing you see every time you enter the kitchen.
Did you do it?
Now, let’s move away from the kitchen and go to our back yard if the weather is fine, or in a room where you will feel more comfortable for doing the exercises.
  • Kickboxing – 10 to 30 minutes on Monday

  • Jogging in Place – 10 to 30 minutes on Tuesday

  • Squat Jumps – 10 to 30 minutes on Wednesday

  • Jump Rope – 10 to 30 minutes on Thursday

  • Burpees – 10 to 30 minutes on Friday

  • Jumping Jacks – 10 to 30 minutes on Saturday

  • Mountain Climbers – 10 to 30 minutes on Sunday

Now you are fully equipped to become healthy and strong!
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