Drying Clothes Indoors: What Happens with Your Lungs?

It’s winter and we can’t dry our clothes outside because they will get frozen. You know how it is.

Thank God for washing machines with dryers included because they are truly helping us with this problem.
However, some people can’t afford a washing machine with a dryer.
These are the people that do the mistake of drying clothes inside. This is what makes the home more humid. That’s the perfect environment where mold and other fungi want to live.
Scientists from England wanted to dig deeper into this problem. They have found that this scenario causes respiratory problems.

Drying Clothes Indoors: What Happens with Your Lungs?

The danger

While your clothes dry on the rack, the water from the clothes goes into the air making it more humid. Almost 2 liters of water goes into the air.
This means the humidity is increased by 30%.
This environment is ideal for mold spores and dust mites. They can cause respiratory discomfort and infection.
That’s why it is really hard to breathe when you walk into a room full of wet clothes.

The science?

Drying Clothes Indoors: What Happens with Your Lungs?

Life Story

A 43-year-old father of three living in Bolton has suffered a serious mold-related lung infection.
He was drying wet clothes on the radiator in his bedroom. His name is Craig Mather.
Mr. Craig suffered from asthma since childhood and had tuberculosis in 1997. This left his lungs highly vulnerable.
He says: “I have just started recovering from these issues with all the meds prescribed for the fungal infection. But, the cough never left and I had unusual sweats during the night”.
He found out what the problem was and never dried clothes on the radiator anymore. After 12 months, he noticed a huge improvement in his health.

Drying Clothes Indoors: What Happens with Your Lungs?

What to do?

Professor Denning advises you to dry your clothes in a very well ventilated indoor space or use a tumble dryer.
Make sure that ventilated space is away from the living room or bedrooms. Keep your windows open and let the airflow in there.
These simple steps will do the trick and save your lungs.
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