Here is What Your Lips Hide About Your Character

Addressing all women, we are lucky because everything is pointing out our character.

What we had until now? Let’s go over our history and see what else defined our character.
See here: Fingernails
See Here: Heart line
Now we go over our lips. Maybe the mix of all these character-tellers is our real persona. Do you agree?
It’s really fun when you read stuff like this. Most importantly is when it really defines you. Like the previous thing mentioned, I can say this is 80% right.
This is an old Chinese skill of reading the characters out of your lips.
There are four regions marked as lip landmarks:
  •      Cupid’s bow
  •      Natural Lip Line
  •      Corners
  •      Teardrop
Here is What Your Lips Hide About Your Character
On top of this, there is science behind your lips. It’s called Lipsology and those who heard about it probably know what it studies.
It’s the art and science behind reading lips.
According to it, there are 4 mouth interpretations that could be noticed that talk about your character.
Those are Size, Shape, Fullness, and Contours.
Only three features are recognized as defining your human traits.
  •      Size
  •      Plumpness
  •      Cupid’s bow
Below you will find everything you need to define your character. As I said earlier, this defines only 80% of who I am.
I have full plump lips. What’s your mouth shape?
  1. Full

Women with full lips are very courageous. They care about people and put others’ needs ahead of theirs. Only generous things can be said about this person.
Their natural spirit leans toward motherhood. They value social connection and have a wide selection of friends.
  1. Thin

Thin lips are more like loners. They are cautious, reserved, determined toward their goals and persistent. They are those “Miss Independent” women.
Known as high achievers with a sensitive side.
  1. Wide

These women are highly talented. They enjoy a huge variety of interests and have a large circle of friends. Perfection is their strong side, but they always tend to be adaptable.
Natural born leaders. Can’t handle well if they follow what others say.

Here is What Your Lips Hide About Your Character

  1. Round

The charming ones. These women are adventurous, self-assured and they are not scared to take risks. Their charisma is leading the way!
  1. Heart-Shaped

Women with Heart-shaped lips are known as very creative and quick-minded. She sparks with glamor and elegance. They don’t hesitate to voice their opinions out loud.
Their lips tell the story of one romantic persona!
  1. Goldilocks

Or as we call it the symmetric lips. We all want to have perfect lips, but we are scared of a plastic surgery. They are neither thin nor full. Recognized as medium-sized perfect lips.
Sometimes this is an indication of a woman with a strong temperament. She needs time to develop a true connection with others. She has a tight circle of friends.
  1. Plump in the center

Full front-and-center lips. A natural born performer. Always in the spotlight, in need for the center of attention. Fun and lovely woman.
Now, after you read about all types of lips, what is your lips’ shape?
Compare yourself with your friends. See what they think about this. But first, you need to share this to let them know.


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