How Many Carbs a Day Are Enough for You To Lose Weight?

The guidelines you will see below worked for most people.

I can say that the carb diet is the myth of today’s controlling and losing weight.
Exploring and reading comments of people who tried this approach really got satisfied of the way how this diet works.
Reducing or completely eliminating the carbs in your diet became one major way for losing weight.
Do you want to hear the best thing? You don’t need to count calories along the way. The carbs out of your system already did the job for you.
By ditching carbs, your appetite is “falling down” on a basic level. You won’t be hungry all the time. That being said, you automatically tend to lose weight.
How Many Carbs a Day Are Enough for You To Lose Weight?
You know what this means? It’s time to eat a carb-free diet, feel satisfied, and lose weight!
Isn’t that what you wanted all the time?
But, there is this “but” word that messes things up, people can’t really ditch carbs. They are present almost in any food. The trick is eating food that is really low in carbs.
That brings the question: How many carbs do I need in a day and still lose weight?
I will tell you why and the studies will confirm you after I show you…

Why more people opt-in for this Low-Carb way of eating?

Since I became a nutritionist, I’m circled around with low-fat diets. People come and ask exactly for this. When I mention to them the low-carb way of eating, they think that it doesn’t work.
Some study even showed that low-fat diet doesn’t even work. But still, people find the way to stick to it.
I don’t agree with this study because with determination and eating the right foods, you will lose weight.
Anyway, the alternative way of eating is the low-carb diet. People transfer to this diet because nothing else worked for them.
And guess what? – They finally saw the results. This diet forbids you to eat carbohydrates like sugar, bread, pasta, etc.
The real thing is that it replace all of this with proteins and fat. During the process, studies show that this diet reduces your appetite.
By doing that, you tend to eat less than before. You lose weight almost effortlessly.
How Many Carbs a Day Are Enough for You To Lose Weight?
Seems catchy? I know.

As I promised before, how many carbs a day are enough for me to lose weight?

These guidelines are proven to work 90% of the time. I bet the other 10% were not disciplined enough.
If you are reading this, I can sense you are on the right way for improving your health. Before you opt-in for this low-carb diet, you need to give up some things.
It’s very restrictive to carb sources. That’s why it’s so successful.
Keep in mind that there is not scientific proof of how many carbohydrates are enough for EVERY individual. That’s simply impossible for doing because every metabolism is different.
I found some guidelines that I thought were the best explained and worked for many people.

The Moderate Carbohydrate Intake (100 – 150 grams a day)

This moderate approach will make you lose weight. It will be on a longer term, but still, by reducing the carb intake you will increase the health level.
It’s appropriate for those people who are already lean and healthy. With this moderate approach, they will stay like that.
Most importantly, they will reduce the risk of gaining weight.
You will end up here after you come to your preferable weight level.
Carbs you can eat for this diet are:
  • All vegetables
  • Few pieces of fruit per day
  • Not a lot of healthy starches like potatoes, healthier grains (oats and rice). Keep it at basic level intake.

The Advanced Carbohydrate Intake (50 – 100 Grams a Day)

This is the range you would want to keep if you want to lose weight effortlessly. You are allowing several carbs in your diet on a daily basis.
This is especially for those who are carb sensitive.
The carbs you can eat:
  • Plenty of Veggies
  • 1-2 pieces of fruit per day
  • Minimal starchy carbohydrates intake

The Master Level Carbohydrate Intake (20 – 50 Grams a Day)

We came down to the most advanced carbohydrate diet. It’s preferable for people who don’t care about how or what to do. Their goal is to lose weight fast.
Very often, these are the people who are metabolically endangered, struggle with obesity or diabetes.
By eating 50 or fewer grams of carbs a day, your body enters into ketosis. The energy goes to your brain only through the ketone bodies.
This prevents your appetite from going on the same levels as before. You will stop asking for food that often. Automatically, you will lose weight.
Carbs are allowed here:
  • Low-Carb vegetables
  • Some berries
  • Trace carbs from other foods like seeds, nuts and avocados
Low carb diet doesn’t mean no-carb diet. There are many low-carb vegetables you can find in the grocery store.
Here is a picture that could help you pick your low-carb vegetables.
How Many Carbs a Day Are Enough for You To Lose Weight?
It’s good that you want to lose weight. I know you failed a couple of times. It’s really important to succeed reaching your goals.
It’s not important how much time it takes. Go steady. Experiment. We are all born different. Imagine how easy it would have been if we were all born the same.
That’s the real pleasure. To succeed on your own. You have the steps and you know the proper way. You just need to grab what it takes and experiment!
If this doesn’t work, something else will.
I’m trying the “moderate” low-carb diet 100-150 grams a day. I really need to finally get into this, but after I finish experimenting with my current way of eating I mentioned before.
Together we will become fat burning beasts!
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