How Sugar, Gluten, Milk, and Wine Harm Your Face?

What do we have here? Some of the biggest face skin “harmers.” I was aware of the damage gluten, and milk can do, but wasn’t so sure about milk and wine.

I still don’t think wine and milk could harm your health if you balance your intake. Everybody enjoys a good glass of red wine for lunch. Right?
But, just one!
Now, back to the main topic. As you know, your skin is the reflection of your diet and health. Unhealthy foods can irritate your skin and cause even bigger problems.
You can say that your face skin can be the first “teller” when something is wrong with your health.
According to Nigma Taib, a doctor, four types of face reveal the consequences of using or consuming a product your body can’t tolerate.
How Sugar, Gluten, Milk, and Wine Harm Your Face?
Let’s see what are those four types reacting to these four foods.


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