How To Improve Your Digestion By Ditching These 3 Habits

You go to the kitchen determined to eat something nice. Most importantly, to eat a balanced meal that won’t make you feel bloated.
Right when you open the fridge, the determination is gone with the wind. You end up overeating that heavy meal and the feeling of sleepiness takes over.
That’s called a food coma. If you have wondered why you feel sleepy after every meal, that’s the overeating high-calorie meals working in your system.
It’s not your fault. Those are the habits in you. It is tough to change them, but what comes easy?
For the past couple of months, I’m trying to teach you everything you need about the way you need to look up for yourself, eat healthily and exercise.

How To Improve Your Digestion By Ditching These 3 Habits
Some of you succeeded, and the others wrote me an email saying that they can’t do it. They asked me for shortcuts how to become healthy without them quitting in the next few days.
I will tell you what I say to all of my clients: write down all of your unhealthy habits and start changing them one by one. Don’t try to change them all at once.
That’s the road to quitting. One-by-one. You have plenty of time to succeed in what you do.
Below you will find the most common habits people have on the road to a healthy lifestyle.
While reading these habits you need to change, keep in mind that moderation and balance are the keys to success.
Shall we?

Drinking Ice Cold Water While You Eat is a Very Bad Habit

This habit is probably the worst thing you can have. Drinking cold water while you eat constricts the blood vessels.
It slows down the digestion and the absorbing of nutrients in the food you eat.
The simple explanation here is making the fat harder digest because you are freezing it with the cold water.
Wait, there is more. While drinking cold water you are lowering your body temperature. And you feel good. Especially during hot days.
But can the body say that, as well?

How To Improve Your Digestion By Ditching These 3 Habits
The energy in your body focuses on regulating the body temperature instead on digestion.
That’s why doctors recommend drinking room-temperature water to help your body, your health, and digestive system.
Another way to boost your metabolism and stimulate digestion is drinking lukewarm water with lemon. Drink it slowly.

Mixing Protein and Starch is Bad for Digestion

This has fast food written all over it. This can cause heartburn and acid reflux because proteins take the time to digest while starch not so much.
When they get mixed up in your stomach, the starch stays there for a couple of more hours until the stomach finishes digesting the proteins.
Can you imagine what the starch does during those hours?
It ferments. Releases gases and causes belching and bloating. If you want to avoid this, eat them separately.
Combine starches and vegetables. You won’t have any problems.

Drinking Too Much Water

How To Improve Your Digestion By Ditching These 3 Habits
Drinking water is recommended. Don’t get me wrong on this. You need to stay hydrated with water by any means necessary.
But, like with food, moderation is a key here. Some people overdrink water hoping they will lose weight and improve their digestion faster.
You have to be aware that by over drinking water you could provoke exactly the opposite.
This could lead to bloating and cause digestive problems. The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid when we eat. This helps to digest the food and when we drink too much water we dilute the acid because it hardens the digestive process.
I watched a documentary the other day and I’ve heard the doctor recommend drinking water an hour after we ate.
Keep it balanced. I drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water during the day. I drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal and I have a perfect digestive system.
I have said it before, I’ll say it again: Balance is the key.
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