How to Lose Weight in Chinese Style?

That’s awesome. The first step to succeeding at something is wanting that to happen. People who are willing to reach their goals are very successful.
It’s not important what measures they need to take. The path could be full with obstacles. People will judge you. Friends will call you a fool for holding on.
You know what drives you? – Success. Reaching your goals. The fear of failure. At least that’s what drives me when I want to do something.
Every diet can’t be effective for all. That’s the real reason why we try different things. Your friends had a diet that is good for them. That helped them get in shape.
It didn’t work on you? – You quit?
Good Morning. It’s time to take over the day with something else.
Let’s try this approach. It’s approved by Chinese medicine. It says that reducing the calorie intake won’t give the desired results in a long term.
How to Lose Weight in Chinese Style?
It could give you the opposite effect. Reducing calories could lead to a worse situation than the one you are in now.
This medicine says that you need to focus more on the cause, not just the symptom. You being overweight is a symptom of internal energy.
Some call it a health problem. Focusing on both sides will lead to better resolving of the whole problem.
The problem of obesity is not just eating too much. What we eat and why is a much bigger problem than that.
Could Chinese people know the perfect way how to be healthy and fit?
Keep reading. Your obesity is connected with emotions.

Tired, Slow and Always Hungry

Every time it’s a different diagnose. A different cause for you to open up the fridge and eat what you see. All scenarios are covered by the Chinese medicine.
The most common is deficiency or imbalance of energy in the spleen.
In other words, the poor digestion doesn’t allow the body to be efficient.
So, the quantity and quality of food is not really important here. After a meal, you feel tired, slow and after a while you are hungry again.
Your body is not getting the proper nutrients from food. This makes the weight loss process very hard and slow.
You get in this circle where you find yourself eating over and over again. Your body won’t catch up. It slows down and you end up obese.

What are the symptoms of imbalance of the spleen?

Everything is in your desire to eat certain foods. You are able to determine what’s happening in there just by the food you take.
The hunger for fat, processed food, too sweet or cold food and cold drinks are just a few of the big reasons for an imbalance in the body. They damage your digestion.
Eating late is the biggest damage you can do to your digestive system.
There are some classic symptoms of imbalanced spleen:
  •      Bloating
  •      Excessive desire for sweets
  •      Fastidiousness
  •      Screening for food allergy and food intolerance
  •      Hanging skin
  •      Sweet taste
How to Lose Weight in Chinese Style?

Concerns and Over-thinking

This goes eye-to-eye with the energy needed by the spleen to keep our cognitive process up and running.
The concern and over-thinking plays a major role with the imbalance and reinforcing the spleen.
When people exercise, they clear their mind. The concern and over-thinking are washed away by the energy for working out.
Additional clean energy is coming from the spleen and turns into better digestion and distribution energy that’s coming from the foods’ nutrients.
I don’t know if you know this, but the spleen produces energy called Qi. It stimulates the production of blood. It’s extremely necessary to strengthen it.
Increasing the power of the spleen will lead to solving all the related problems and losing weight.

What you need to do and what not?

Drinks. Hot drinks throughout the day.  More than two liters a day (water is the best) will fulfill your hunger and not damage your digestive system.
How to Lose Weight in Chinese Style?
Avoid large piles of raw foods. Yes, they are good and healthy. The Chinese medicine says eating large salads will be removed by the absent energy from the gastrointestinal tract.
This slows down weight loss and you will be tired and bloated again.
Smaller portions will probably do the trick.

Eat easily digestive and cooked meals

Coffee will do damage to your body. It increases the moisture and mucus in you. It’s recommended when it comes to weight loss, but black or green tea will do so much better for you.
Always avoid fried and oily food. Distance yourself from sweets and snacks. It increases the moisture in your body and takes away the energy from your digestive system.
Eat only when you are truly devoted to the food. Eat without distractions from the TV, PC, newspapers, smartphones, etc.

Tips that should become habits

Never drink cold beverages. Let the drinks get the room temperature before you consume them.
Eat the largest meal between 7 and 11 am. The digestion is most intense during this period.
Don’t forget to exercise every single day. Do that at least for 30 minutes.
Get enough sleep. Rest. Go to sleep before 11 p.m. This will prevent your body from creating false hunger signals.
As you can see, Chinese medicine explains a lot of things about weight loss. Maybe this is what you need.
The Chinese way of losing weight is probably the thing that will give you better results.
Any of your friends complain about losing weight? – This could help them. Don’t you think?


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