How to Switch Your Body into Fat-Burning Machine?

“I’m getting fat even from the daily intake of water.”

I recently heard this sentence, and I didn’t know what to answer to that.
Some people have a rusty metabolism. Their body is a fat-storing machine because they wanted it to be like that.
The risk is getting bigger when they opt in for a rigorous low-calorie diet that will harm their digestive and immune system.
Even worse, they believe some companies can sell them magical pills that will make their stored fat go away.

How to Switch Your Body into Fat-Burning Machine?
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If you are one of these people, I want to ask you something.
Has it ever occurred to you that you can lose fat if you spend a minute to read something useful and include some simple tweaks in your diet?
Let me bring this problem closer to you.

The Dangerous Liver

Your liver affects your metabolism. As you know, it deals with all the toxins you intake every day by detoxing your body.
What you probably didn’t know is that the liver is responsible for 75% of the hormone production in your thyroid gland.
Eating too much processed foods, sugar, medicine, alcohol, and other toxin-full foods, your liver works after-hours to complete the detox. However, it’s too much that the liver can handle and that’s why toxins win by slowing it down.
It’s like a chain process.
When the work of the liver slows down, the production of the thyroid hormone slows down.
The whole process results in various metabolic issues like gaining weight, trouble sleeping, exhaustion, bloating, and more.
How can you avoid all this?
The solution is simple. Avoid processed foods as much as you can. Avoid alcohol and foods full of sugar.

The Problematic Adrenal Glands

How to Switch Your Body into Fat-Burning Machine?
Liver Doctor
The adrenal glands are also affecting your metabolism.
Their role is to secrete hormones in the body that negatively affect your metabolism. They either maintain a healthy hormonal balance to promote a high metabolism, or they can slow it down.
Everything falls in your hands. You have the controller of these problematic adrenal glands.
Some factors are affecting the adrenal glands. The main ones are food, lifestyle habits, and exercise.
Making all the poor choices of foods, living a passive lifestyle and satisfying your body with toxins results in an overproduction of stress hormones that will turn into fat.
The solution comes in the form of balancing your diet, exercise three to four times a week and put an end to the stress that controls your life.

Thyroid’s Comfortable Zone

How to Switch Your Body into Fat-Burning Machine?
Michelle Corey
If you ask your doctor why your metabolism acts slowly, he will tell you that it’s the thyroid gland giving you problems.
The truth is, your metabolism is like an affected center in many different parts of your body.
Don’t get me wrong. The doctor is right about the thyroid gland. It plays the largest role when it comes to regulating your metabolism.
If there is too much or lack of thyroid hormone in the body, your metabolism suffers.
To improve the work of your thyroid gland and boost your metabolism, you need to minimize stress, exercise on a regular basis and start with your healthy diet.
It will put you on the perfect track.

Do you need help?

Giving an answer to these questions will give you the vivid picture for you to proceed as a healthy person:
  1. Is my diet full of too many processed and sugary foods?
  2. Is coffee and energy drinks my primary source of energy through the day?
  3. Do I need to be more active?
Write down the answers. Be honest. If you don’t like your answers, start changing them.


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