How to STOP The Burning in Your Lungs While Running

It’s time to stop running on your treadmills to your homes. Go outside. The sun is shining, and the weather is so awesome.

For those who haven’t been exercising much, put on your running shoes and let’s get down to business.
The park is waiting for you.
Newbies will feel something in their lungs after their first round of running. They will feel the shortness of breath. It will seem like their lungs are on fire.
For those who are new to this or took a long break from running, it’s not something uncommon to experience such thing.
When you breathe through the mouth, your mind thinks you are losing carbon dioxide, and your body goes into the survival mode.
How to STOP The Burning in Your Lungs While Running
It’s the same as when your iPhone goes to 20% you are applying the battery saving mode.
Your body starts producing goblet cells. These cells produce mucus, which constricts the blood vessels and slows breathing.
Now you know what happens inside your body when the “burning” happens.
Right after this happens and you share what happened to you with your friends, they will advise you to learn how to breathe.
That’s true. You need to learn a couple of breathing techniques and figure out what method suits you the most.
Before I head down to that topic, I want to give you few other examples that will help you get rid of the “burning” feeling.
  • Upright Sleep Quality
  • A Healthy Diet
  • Low-Stress Levels
Maintaining a proper balance between these three vital features will lead you to success.


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