How to Unclog Your Arteries with the Help of Pomegranate Juice?

It’s been a while since I tasted a pomegranate juice this good. I know I’m talking about flavors, but the perfect ratio between the ingredients make this juice addictive.

According to a clinical study, if you add pomegranate in your diet you will restore health. You will be able to reduce any possible risk of a heart disease.
On top of that, the juice reverses illness in patients with cardiovascular disease.
The study is published in the Journal of Atherosclerosis.
These researchers have confirmed that the food has a strange complex that reverses the primary pathology associated with heart connected diseases.

How to Unclog Your Arteries with the Help of Pomegranate Juice?
The Healthiest Alternative

With that being said, this pomegranate juice will help you:

  • Reduces the amount of plaque in your arteries
  • Minimize the level of oxidative stress
  • Reduces the chemical messenger associated with arteries inflammation
  • Lessen lipid accumulation in the heart muscle
  • Reduces cardiac enlargement
  • Minimizes abnormalities in ECG
And that’s not just it.
There is another study conducted 13 years ago in 2004. The Clinical Nutritional published its results.
It was a three-year clinical trial that led with pomegranate juice reversing carotid artery stenosis by 29% in one year.
Awesome discovery.

Why pomegranates?

Because they are rich in essential nutrients. They contain potent plant compounds (Punicalagins and punicic acid) and anti-inflammatory properties.
The fruit will help lower blood pressure and fight bacterial and fungal infections.


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