Quick and Easy Morning Yoga Workout For Moms [Chart]

If you been searching for a dedicated morning yoga workout for moms, you are at the right place.
Before I share with you what I’ve started doing lately, let me ask you this:

How do you start your morning?

Before you start doing “something new” like yoga, it will be great if you can first “scan” your morning behavior and see what are your current rituals.
I’m sharing this because I’ve been in a “trial – error – this doesn’t work” loop in the past.
To avoid this, I’ve started attaching stuff to my current routine and incrementally make the transition to the new habit.
It is the same approach I have towards this yoga workout for moms thingy.

I’ve started doing a one-morning yoga workout at a time.

Meaning, instead of doing everything on the chart below, I’ve started with only the first one the first day and then….the next day I’ve added the second one etc.
(you get the point)
So, if you want to be healthy and a supermom 🙂 try it.


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