See How a Determined Makeup Artist Lost Half of Her Body Weight

I love stories like this one. They make me scream out of happiness.
If my husband weren’t sleeping at the moment, I would’ve started jumping and screaming around the house.
I just love to see people succeeding in something. You need the right diet, strong will and determination for success.
Anyone can do it. Period. Losing weight is harder than gaining weight, but it’s not impossible. I have had many cases when people were desperate for help.
With the right diet, your extra weight will be washed away. When you add some natural-weight-loss-booster drinks and training, the sky is the only limit.
You know I love motivating you. You can call me your daily dose of motivation. Today, I have a story about a makeup artist.
Her job is to make people look more beautiful for some occasion. Paying attention to others, she forgot to take care of herself.
And that’s the worst thing that can happen to anyone. She “climbed” to 373 pounds and said this is enough. She decided to change her life.
I don’t know her personally, but I can say I’m proud of her!
11 months were enough for her to make the biggest change in her life. Here is the picture before and after she changed.

See How a Determined Makeup Artist Lost Half of Her Body Weight
She looks hot as hell. During this process of losing weight, she lost 189 pounds.
Yes, you read it right. Nearly a half of her previous weight. That’s incredibly motivational.
Everything is in a better state now. Her body, metabolism, condition and overall health are working with full speed.
This girl didn’t leave the others hungry for her fight against obesity. During her tough process, she didn’t forget to keep everyone updated.
Her final pictures of the current state are breathtaking. She changed miraculously.
Everyone wanted to know how she did it. Luckily for all of us, she shared her whole diet routine that led to this success.
Let’s see what made her lose half of her weight for 11 months.
One of the biggest reasons why she was able to lose weight was ditching processed foods. She started eating only healthy food.
This goal was achieved mainly because she was determined, focused and brave to limit her food intake and pick healthier food choices.
Her diet includes Roasted Chicken, Feta, and Egg Salad.
This was posted on her social media profiles as the first thing towards losing weight. She also started going to the gym and ate only fresh food.
Fit and healthy people can’t live without these morning boosters. You can find various of healthy smoothie recipes. You can even be the creator of one.
Don’t limit yourself. Go wacky with the choice. This girl used different berries, mango, banana and passion fruit.
Healthy Sweets
One of the biggest challenges when you want to lose weight. Every person comes with a lot of passion for sweets.
Simone had it, too. She couldn’t stop thinking and craving for sweet foods. Desperate for a solution, she started making popcorn with coconut oil, crushed almonds and dark chocolate (85% cocoa).
Chicken Thigh
This was one of her meals that made her feel like a changed person. She ditched the whole meal bread crumbs for the chicken and oven baked thigh.
A meal like this was definitely better than what she was eating at McDonald’s.
Let this story serve as a real dose of motivation. Prepare your diet. Plan your meals every day. And let’s get started.
You can even contact me if you want to do it together. Let’s start making some changes.
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