What Happens if You Place an Ice Cube at the Red Point?

It’s believed that it does wonders, but let’s get down to it together and see if it makes sense.
Everybody wants to find a “cure” or a “magical potion”. It would change their life forever.
To feel younger, to be effective, to live a full, long life and be immortal are some of their wishes.
I’m not so sure that the last thing is possible. But I think I have the prescription for the most of the things I’ve said before.
You already know how it goes. You need to eat healthy, stay active, live with a sharp mind, and keep yourself safe.
Now, you know how Japanese and Chinese people are. They always tend to find something that will help them.
This is Feng Fu. It’s an Acupuncture Point coming from the Chinese traditional medicine.
This is a pressure point found at the base of the skull. Take a look at the picture. The point is marked with the red dot.
What Happens if You Place an Ice Cube at the Red Point?
It’s believed that by putting an ice cube on that point you will cure illness. You will find yourself energetic and you will become happier.

How to do this?

  •      Lie on your stomach
  •      Put an ice cube at the Feng Fu point.
  •      Leave it for 20 minutes
  •      If you are on the go, you can fix it with a bandage

What does it do?

If you are doing this every morning and before you go to bed, the Chinese traditional medicine believes it will improve your overall health.
What’s more:
  •      It will improve your sleep quality
  •      It improves your mood
  •      It helps regulate your gut
  •      It will prevent colds
  •      Treats toothaches and headaches
  •      Helps and relieves cardiovascular and lung diseases
  •      It might help with thyroid problems
  •      Relieves PMS
  •      Improves mental health
This comes from traditional medicine. It should be taken with a pinch of salt.
There are no studies that will confirm this as a reliable “cure”.


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