10 Most Toxic And Dangerous Foods That Cause Cancer Which Should Never “Get In Your Mouth”

Nutritionists often warn us about the quality of food we consume every day and how damaging certain products are to our health but we refuse to believe their claims and continue poisoning our organism inadvertently.

However, we need to realize that we are what we eat, and the more unhealthy food we ingest the more damage we cause to our organism. If we continue to eat these dangerous foods we put our entire body at risk from a long list of diseases which is why we need to stop it immediately and turn to a healthier way of life. Here is a list of the 10 most toxic and dangerous foods which should never find their way to your table ever again.
  1.  Flour
You’ve probably never thought that flour can be dangerous but the truth is that it has the same effect on your body like sugar. It creates an insulin imbalance and sends your body into fat-storage mode.
Wheat has nutritive values but they are lost in the production process. It’s stripped from most of its fibers and the majority of other nutrients, which makes it entirely unnecessary for your body which is why you need to eliminate it from your diet.
  1.  Sugar
Sugar should be considered our health’s number 1 enemy. It’s closely linked to obesity, damages the pancreas, liver and the entire digestive system and has recently been discovered that it can damage the nervous system as well. I believe that these facts are more than enough to convince you that you need to eliminate sugar entirely.
This goes for the artificial sugars we consume but the natural sugars in fruit and honey are perfectly safe for consumption and are even beneficial if you consume them in moderation.
  1.  Milk

You’re probably wondering how can milk be on this list? Well even though we’ve grown up believing that milk will strengthen our bones, as we grow older it’s not as beneficial as it used to be. Our organism starts losing its ability to digest lactose and eventually milk starts causing bloating, food intolerance, and inflammations, and creates an acidic environment in our body.
If you just can’t give up milk, you can try to find a suitable alternative, like almond, coconut or rice milk. They are delicious and much more nutritive than regular milk, and are also easier to digest.
  1.  Donuts
When we say unhealthy food I immediately think about donuts. They may be the most popular treat in the US and people are eating them like crazy. There’s nothing even slightly nutritive in donuts, they are made from unhealthy ingredients like trans-fat, white flour and white sugar and are then deep-fried in oil. This combination can even be deadly for those who eat them regularly. They can lead to heart diseases and diabetes, which is why you need to stop eating them immediately.
  1.  Fast food
I believe that the name speaks volumes about the quality of this food – fast food. We all know that fast food is extremely unhealthy and the reason behind the high rate of obese people in the US. It abounds in highly processed meat, saturated fat and sodium and needs to be eliminated from your diet ASAP.
  1.  Sodas
Soda and sports drinks have zero nutritional value. Moreover, they are loaded with fructose corn syrup, dyes, sugar, brominated vegetable oil (a flame retardant) aspartame and other chemicals which can lead to a number of health conditions.
  1.  Processed meat
Processed meat is pumped with sodium and nitrates which are extremely dangerous for our body. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research consuming processed meats is linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. When absorbed, the nitrates are turned into nitrites and which then lead to the formation of nitrosamine, a chemical that causes cancer.
  1.  Potato crisps
When food gets exposed to high temperatures acrylamide is formed, and acrylamide can be carcinogenic. Dale Hattis, a research professor at Clark University in Massachusetts claims that the acrylamide is the main culprit for the increased number of cancer cases in America every year. Potato crisps abound in salt and fat, meaning that they contain abnormally high amounts of sodium and regular consumption of this food can lead to hypertension and high cholesterol which increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  1.  Canned soups

Again we have a product which is pumped with salt and maybe you didn’t know but the average can of soup contains as much as 890mg of sodium. That’s the full daily recommended dose of sodium. The worst part is that people aren’t even aware that a can of soup contains that much sodium and often mistaken it for a healthy meal.
When you ingest a higher amount of sodium your body starts retaining water, which leads to an increased blood pressure and puts stress on the heart, thus leading to heart attacks.
  1.  Margarine
There was a time when margarine was dubbed the healthier alternative to butter but it was shortly discovered that this is entirely untrue. Margarine contains trans-fats which our body can’t fully process and frequent consumption can lead to arterial plaque buildup and increased cholesterol levels. There’s nothing surprising about this, we should all know that foods that are not natural create a toxic burden to our system when ingested and put a huge stress to the liver. Health experts advise against the consumption of margarine and fake butters and recommend using a natural substitute.
Source: www.loveinspireamaze.com/
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