10 Self-Therapy To Healing Asthma, Without Medication

Asthma treatment – Asthma is a respiratory disorder disease due to the presence of a narrowing of the respiratory tract so that the flow of oxygen from the lungs to the chest cavity becomes obstructed. Is generally caused due to allergies. When relapse, asthmatics have difficulty breathing and feel tightness in the chest. Usually accompanied by a cough when breathing a heavy sigh and sound. The trigger could be due to cigarette smoke, food, respiratory infections, polluting exhaust fumes, mist, stress and certain drugs. Asthmatics will experience some sort of addiction drugs, particularly inhalers. Moreover, if asthma is being a relapse. In short, there is always the drugs consumed asthmatics. But if things continue like consuming drugs, the effect is also not good for health.


These tips will help you to restore your asthma without drugs through therapy that you can do yourself at home.

1. Don’t be lazy to wake up in the morning

Sunshine and morning air is an efficacious natural cure and it’s a shame if missed. According to King’s College London research team, low intake of vitamin D is the Sun at a given body can affect a worsening of asthma symptoms. Whereas vitamin D can control the parts of the immune system is overactive in people with asthma. The study revealed that people with high levels of vitamin D were able to control asthma. Likewise with fresh air in the morning is good for the health of the lungs. Well, do this daily therapy to restore the asthma symptoms you suffered. Wake up, Sun terrace, and a breath of fresh air.  

2. Meditation or breathing gymnastics

It is very important to do meditation or breathing gymnastics to train organs of the lungs is impaired. Respiratory gymnastics performed to train organs of the lungs in order to have a normal capacity. You could do a useful diaphragmatic breathing to maximize the distribution of air in the lungs. Doing with sitting or lying down. Start by taking a breath slowly and in through the nose, breath also slowly through the mouth. Do this exercise by concentrating on breathing. When doing a sport that breath, carbon dioxide levels in the body is increased. With these circumstances in the body get used to, will make you more powerful if the asthma attack.  

3. Clean the environment

Diligent in cleaning the environment to avoid the dust that can interfere with breathing. Asthma sufferers very allergic to dust. To prevent this, make the home environment or work always clean and avoid dust and dirt. Especially the stuff that triggers the abundance of dust sticking like carpets and stuff. Also replace pillowcases and bed linen regularly to reduce the buildup of dust and dirt that can be inhaled in whom whenever. Avoid the mattress or Pillow made of cotton because it can trigger allergies, sponge mattress or spring bed is equipped with cushions made of Dracon better for asthmatics. As a side note, don’t use carbolic or Creolin scrubbers because it has a strong aroma and can trigger asthma attacks.  

4. Refreshing

Make a regular schedule to visit places that have clean air, in order to drain the respiratory tract. To the beach for example, according to a physician expert in the field of respiratory and lung says that one of the efforts the healing of asthma symptoms is with a breath of fresh air on the beach. The sea air is indeed cleaner than air in urban, white garment is the sea breeze which is allegedly good for asthmatics. In fact, the air in the mountains also are clean, but the weather is often quite cold that tends to trigger asthma attacks. Therefore, don’t hurt you take time at least once a week to go visit the beach for the sake of a good fresh air made breathing.  

5. Drinking Mineral water

Asthma attacks cause dehydration, drinking water in order to expand the breathing mu smoothly again. Asthma attack due to constriction of the airway causes the occurrence of a very severe dehydration. This condition is usually not including diagnoses by doctors are psychological. So, always provide water anytime anywhere to prevent things that are unwanted. Diligent drank plain water as it turns out is also very helpful in the treatment of asthma. Because water contains oxygen which is healthy for the body and is also very good for the health of the lungs. So, drink a lot of water at least 8 glasses a day so that the lungs stay healthy.  

6. Use face mask

Use a mask when outside, especially in places that are potentially exposed to air pollution. Given a large number of an abstinence owned asthmatic, then walked out of the House where their environment are exposed to the pollution would certainly be a difficult thing, but it does not mean you have to remain in the House forever. Avoid places that are exposed to cigarette smoke and excessive pollution. The use of masks that prevent dust can reduce the risk of developing asthma. However, you should also consider how the proper use of the mask. The good news is not used more than a disposable surgical mask, for the usual provided at pharmacies.  

7. Do not keep the furry animals

Avoid keeping a furry animal triggered a sudden asthma attack due to the feathers fly. Asthmatics should steer clear of all the animals that have feathers that are easy to fall out like dogs and cats. In fact, in addition to fur, sufferers of asthma are also very susceptible to some dirty particles that come from animals such as saliva and animal skins. To that end, we recommend that you do not keep animals such as dogs and cats. Instead of the fish could be a solution if you want to have a pet.  

8. Replace your asthma Medication with Herbal medicines

Asthma medications, change of natural herbal medicines with a doctor, that you don’t dependence and relapse-Chan again. Asthma relief not only from environmental, nutritional intake is things that play an important role in order for asthma do not easily attack. Regularly consuming fish oil and broccoli may help the body’s resilience against asthma. Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and 6, while broccoli is rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. You can also consume fruits such as apples, avocados, and carrots which helped launch the respiratory tract. Warm ginger and honey are also good for relieving symptoms of asthma. Avoid foods that cause asthma at risks such as nuts, eggs, chocolate, shrimp, and milk.  

9. Control your emotions

Manage excessive emotions and stress can trigger a recurrence of asthma, relaxed just don’t panic. One of the problems is a very sensitive asthma when exposed to emotional pressures too powerful. The pressure of emotion such as anxiety, fear, even a sense of elation can also make asthma quickly relapse because of strong heart rate changes. High levels of stress can also cause asthma attacks. You should be able to control your emotions and stress, do not be too excessive, to taste only. Learn to hold your emotions is also important, with away from the things that trigger excessive emotions if.  

10. Swimming pool

The sport of swimming is great for exercising, breathing, stay away from the heavy trigger sports fatigue. Swimming is a sport that can maintain the health of the heart and lungs. Therefore, a dip into one way of treating asthma and shortness of breath that is quite effective. Swim at least once a week, doing so on a regular basis then the respiratory organs will be healthy. Stay away from strenuous sports and competitive types that trigger fatigue and requires a lot of energy. Types of sports that the weight thus causing you difficulty to breathe.   That’s some way to recover asthma and shortness of breath that you can do yourself at home. Good luck and hopefully useful. Keep healthy.


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