See The 12 Foods That Have 3 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges

At least 1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice a day keeps the doctor away. This saying comes from the fact that oranges are full in Vitamin C.
And you already know how effective Vitamin C is when it comes to curing colds.
A new study really made me think twice about this. It has been found that this vitamin doesn’t have the required force to prevent colds.
But it definitely helps shorten the length of time you are sick. It also reduces the severity of the symptoms you feel.
People know that oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C. One medium orange contains approximately 70 mg of Vitamin C. That’s more than some other fruits but less than many other common fruits and veggies.
To surprise your body with a full Vitamin C-bomb you need to consider adding these 12 superfoods into your diet.

Green Bell Pepper

See The 12 Foods That Have 3 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges
Only a cup of chopped green bell pepper will give you 200% more Vitamin C than your recommended daily allowance. Plus, these peppers are a good source of fiber.


One cup of kale packs 80.4 mg of vitamin C. This powerhouse is also a rich source of Vitamin K and Vitamin A.


My favorite veggie contains 132 mg of Vitamin C for a 30 calorie-per-serving food.


Did you know that eating papaya can help your sinuses? Check out this research and find out more. Only one cup of papaya contains 88.3 mg. of Vitamin C.


This delicious fruit contains 84.7 mg. of vitamin C. That’s in one cup of strawberries. But you and I both know that it’s really hard to eat one cup and move on.


See The 12 Foods That Have 3 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges
A small head of cauliflower will give you as much as 130 mg. of vitamin C. Plus, it contains proteins and fiber.

Brussels Sprouts

These small cabbages are packed with cancer-fighting properties and fiber. They are also packed with Vitamin C.


For a lot of people, this is the favorite cocktail ending. A slice of the pineapple will give you 80 mg of vitamin C. Plus, this fruit contains bromelain, which is a digestive enzyme that speeds up the food breaking down process.


Two kiwis make one serving. This serving is packed with 138 mg of vitamin C. This fruit is also rich with copper and potassium.


See The 12 Foods That Have 3 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges
Mango makes a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A. It’s packed with 123 mg of vitamin C. Consuming this fruit keeps your eyes healthy and strengthens your immunity.
These fruits and veggies are all around you. You don’t have to cook them nor mix them up with other foods.
They are the best when served raw. You can mix one or two of these foods to make a vitamin C rich salad. That’s how you end your day!


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