See What Happens With Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt

Yup. It’s different than the regular sea salt.
Let me guess, you thought I was messing with you?
Well, I’m not.
I’m glad if I’m the first one who will introduce you to this salt.
When I saw the pink Himalayan salt for the first time I was very surprised.
How come nature can do so many unbelievable things?
It’s really unbelievable.
First, allow me to answer you the “why pink” question in your head:
See What Happens With Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt
It’s all in its chemical composition.
The pink Himalayan salt contains a large variety of minerals.
However, the pink color comes from the iron oxide.
Yes, this salt is one of the richest sources of iron.
So, what are the main benefits of consuming this salt?
You know how we want to consume more and more fruits and vegetables because of their vitamins and minerals?
Well, there is your answer.
Increasing the minerals and iron level in your body is crucial for your health.
Plus, this natural salt contains:
  •      Iodine – Naturally rich (most of the salts have artificial Iodine added)
  •      Less Sodium per serving (Larger crystal structure than refined salt)
  •      Contains 80+ minerals and other elements (85.62% Sodium, 14.38% of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphate, bicarbonate, bromide, strontium, borate and fluoride)
See the difference?
Maybe the salt you use is made from the same components, but the crystal structure is definitely bigger than the refined salt.
Knowing these minerals, here is what the Himalayan Pink Salt can do:
See What Happens With Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt

Where can you use this Himalayan pink salt?

Everywhere you want. Better said, everywhere you put salt in.
  •      Cooking and curing
  •      Salt slabs (like serving patterns)
  •      Kitchen use (scrubbing and rinsing)
  •      Decoration
  •      Bathing (Put some of this salt in the bathtub and enjoy the 80+ minerals nourishing your skin. It can help your sore muscles)
  •      Air purification (crystal rock lamps like this can be found and sold online)
As you can see, replacing the salt you use now with the Pink Himalayan salt has real advantages.
The minerals and iron in the Himalayan salt can make your body feel stronger and full with energy.
I think your friends want to know about this, do you?


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