Many people do not give due attention to the speed of their metabolism. Your weight, overall health, external beauty depends on the level of metabolism. Metabolic disorders lead to a variety of diseases. To avoid consequences, it is necessary to understand the very essence of metabolism and to learn how to improve it.
Metabolism means a special chain of chemical reactions that constantly occur both in the human body and in the body of all other living beings. Each cell of the human body participates in the process of metabolism. These are the main nutrients that are familiar to many – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
For the qualitative work of the body, all these substances are needed in sufficient quantity. The lack of this or that component adversely affects the metabolic rate, which in turn provokes a variety of diseases. In this case, a fast metabolism becomes the guarantee of your health, and a slow metabolism leads to external and internal ailments.
1. You are constantly tired. You feel fatigue all the time.
2. You gained some pounds. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, but still gain weight, your metabolism is slow.
3. It is hard to lose weight. You can not lose even some extra pounds.
4. Dry skin. Your cells do not get the necessary blood supply.
5. Hair loss. Poor metabolism can affect your hair.
6. You are cold all the time. This shows that your metabolism is slow and you can have problems with your thyroid gland.
7. You are feeling down. Slow metabolism affects your mood and you can have a depression.
8. You are forgetful. A slow metabolism can lead to bad memory.
9. Headaches. You can even have migraines.
10. You have no sexual desire. Metabolism can affect your sex hormones not very well.
11. Unhealthy diet. Make changes in your diet and you will see changes in your body.


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