Sciatica is pain that goes through the sciatic nerve, the nerve that is a huge place in the lower part of the back and resumes toward the rear parts of the two legs. Sciatica is a more frequent pain in the coat of arms.
While it can be a very painful condition, rarely are going to cause permanent damaging of the nerves. Most often is caused by inflammation and the pain usually goes through after a few weeks.
Symptoms :
– Pain in the length of a leg, until the end of the foot, which is increasing in standing and seating
– Stiffness in the lower part of the leg and foot.
– Weakness or hardship in the movement of the leg or foot.
– Persistent pain in butt and part of a leg.
– Sharply pain that arises when standing up.
How to be treated for this illness?
Treatment of sciatica is based on the removal and release of pressure and inflammation. Frequently this treatment spanning:
– Medical treatment: Non-steroidal drugs antiinflammation like the type of ibuprofen, oral steroids, and epidural steroid injections
– Physical Therapy
– Surgical treatment
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