8 Warning Signs You Are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

Life can be really exhausting sometimes. Everything is so unpredictable that it can mess up your mental and physical health. Sometimes it can be really hard to realize whether you are just physically exhausted or you have lost all the hope. Nevertheless, you need to rest well. You need to focus on yourself and take some time off for healing.

Thus, if you are experiencing the following signs, it might mean that you are going through a difficult period in your life. So, do not let it drain all of you. Take a moment to breathe and recharge.

8 Signs that Point that You Are Physically and Mentally Exhausted

1. You Are Easily Irritated

With time passing, you are starting to feel hopeless. Also, you are starting to lose power and this makes you feel even more irritated. You needn’t waste your time and you need to take some time off to work on yourself.

2. Your Motivation is Lower Than Ever

You might also feel as if you cannot get anything done and you are fighting to find motivation. All the goals that you have had before are not enough. If you feel like this, take some time off. Do not push yourself too hard. You can find inspiration around you everywhere.

3. Experiencing Anxiety Attacks More Than Usual

Due to your exhaustion, you will feel more stressed and anxiety attacks might happen more often. Do not be scared. Just try to center yourself in order to heal. Spend some alone time and discover what you need in life.

4. You Have Trouble Sleeping

Sometimes, exhaustion can cause your mind and thoughts to wonder, and this can influence your sleeping. Thus, you will start suffering from insomnia.

5. Meaningless Things Upset You

Due to the fact that your sensitivity is increased, you will start feeling things more intensely. Also, you will get upset over meaningless things and this might bring tears to your eyes. Do not suffer more than you already are, take some time off.

6. You Feel Dizzy and Nauseous

People who are very exhausted suffer from constant dizziness and nausea. If one person has a mental breakdown, it can easily manifest physically as well. Thus, you need to stop it before it is too late.

7. You Feel Like Crying For No Reason

If you are in a bad place in life, it might look like the whole world is against you. So, your senses are heightened you will feel a hypertensive state and then the tiniest joke can make you cry. If you are physically and mentally exhausted, you will lose the strength to cope with difficult situations and your daily stress will be intensified. Thus, you will need to cleanse your body and soul.

8. You Start to Feel Detached

As time passes, you will start living in comfortable numbness. This means that you will neither feel good nor bad. You will lose all senses and therefore all hope. So, do not let it get this fat.
Therefore, if you start feeling negative and see some changes in your well-being you need to stop and relax. Just take some time off, breathe and heal yourself.


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