Fix Each Of These Sleep Problems & Science. Here Is How

Sleep is crucial for our overall health and well-being because this is the period when the body revitalizes and restores all the lost energy. The average adult requires around 7 to 9 hours of sleep to function optimally. According to statistics, we spend approximately 25 years of our life in sleeping. Another crucial aspect of sleep is the position we choose because each one influences us differently. Continue reading the article to learn the link between some common health problems and sleeping positions.

Improving the Health with Appropriate Sleeping Poses

Problems with the digestion

  • To improve the digestion, sleep on the left side so that gravity can do its job regarding the digestive processes.

A backache

  • If you suffer from chronic back pain, you should opt for a sleeping position on the back.
  • For additional comfort, roll a towel and put it under the spine and place a pillow under the knees.

Pain in the neck

  • Regardless of the sleeping position, you need to put a rolled-up towel under the neck to alleviate the discomfort and pain.


  • According to researchers from the Ehime University School of Medicine, the best sleeping pose for those who suffer from high blood pressure is on the stomach.


  • Those who have problems with heartburn or GERD should go with the sleeping pose on the left side.

Sinus problems

  • According to the Harvard Medical School, those who have sinus-related issues should sleep on a more elevated pillow to avert the pooling of mucus in the sinuses.

Shoulder ache

  • When you experience pain in the shoulder, sleep on the pain-free shoulder and bent the legs a bit.
  • Place one small pillow between the knees and another to the chest.


  • To lower pain in the spine and discomfort, women should place a small pillow under the knees.

A headache

  • Sometimes, you can experience a headache due to a twisted neck while sleeping.
  • In order to prevent this from happening, surround your head with several pillows.



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