Have Calluses On Your Hands & Feet? You May Have A Rare Form Of Cancer

While many of us develop calluses on our hands and feet, we tend to think nothing of it beyond the aesthetic aspect. But a new report from the good people at Science Daily suggests that something far more serious may be taking place as a result of these seemingly harmless calluses.

These calluses just might be an indication of esophagus cancer and this link was established by London researchers at the Queen Mary University. According to their study, the same gene that is believed to cause esophagus cancer also leads to the excess growth of callouses on our hands and feet.
However, those who wish to avoid the onset of esophagus cancer are urged to pay close attention to a number of common warning signs, including an increased difficulty when it comes to swallowing raw vegetables, bread or meat. The excess build up of mucus and saliva can also serve as an indicator of this form of cancer.

If your stool takes on a blackened consistency or you begin to experience chest pain, these are also signs that warrant further monitoring. Fatigue, vomiting, persistent coughing and hoarseness are also indications that you need to schedule an appointment with a trusted medical professional immediately.
It is important for stories like these to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. We are not always fully aware of certain factors that indicate the onset of cancer and while many of the aforementioned symptoms may seem normal by themselves, the presence of several could mean that you need to seek medical assistance.

If you or one of your loved ones has experienced some of these symptoms or has an unusual amount of callous on their hands and feet, pass this story along as soon as possible. You simply never know when you might be saving a life!


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