Here Are 5 Plank Exercises Will Melt Belly Fat & Harden Abs

Planks are not only for hardening abs, but it is also great for your arms, legs, and your balance. If you decide to incorporate planks into your routine you will build stability and will strengthen your body movements. Doing planks is great cardio, it will maximize your movements.

Here we have the best exercises for you to tighten your core, and maximize your workout.

There are full of movement, balance, and sweat.

1. Moving plank
  • A little different plank.
  • According to Women’s Health Magazine, you need to start out in the normal plank position, with right knee bend towards the left elbow.
  • Stay a couple of seconds, then bring your leg back out and angle it to the right side –keep it extended during all time.
  • Pause then reverse the movement back in the plank position and repeat this time with the other side.

2. Shifting plank
  • Shape’s shifting plank starts in normal planking position and holds it for a couple of seconds.
  • Continue by lifting up your right arm but keep it in the bent ‘L’ position.T hen shift your weight to the left side, and tilting your body up by keeping your arm and core parallel to your legs.
  • Stay like this for a second, then return to planking position and repeat on the other side.
3. Side plank with hip dips
  • This is a bit of a balancing act that starts out in a side plank position with one forearm on the mat, elbow properly aligned with shoulder and back.
  • Try to find balance and with using your other arm to straight up in the air dip down a few inches above the mat.
  • Shift your weight back up, and repeat then switching to the other side.
4. Plank arm raises

  • Women’s Health, recommends using a dumbbell in this exercise.
  • Start in a pushup position extends your right arm straight in front with a dumbbell in it.
  • Try to keep your hips parallel to the floor, and your body nice and straight.
  • Next, lower your arm back to the pushup position, repeat then switch to the other.
5. Swiss ball rotations
  • Here you need a swiss ball. Kneel behind the ball and put your arms in normal planking position (keep them rigid and aligned under your shoulders).
  • Push your legs up and straight out up to normal plank position – but on a ball then move your forearms in a clockwise rotation for 5 reps
  • Then go counterclockwise.



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