6 things to Know Before Starting on a Keto Diet

You may have heard about the keto diet recently with the new trend skyrocketing all over social media. The problem with trends is that they can come on fast and fizzle out equally as quick. This can create a lot of bad information, especially among large groups. Everyone has their own way of doing things and their opinions which is perfectly fine.

The trouble comes when people start stating their opinions and way of doing something as fact and the "right way". That is why we have compiled what we think are important keto diet tips you should know before starting the keto diet.

Many things have been said about the Keto diet. Some true others are false. While we can't outline the exact in's and out's in this article, we will provide you with some great tips that you should know before beginning your keto journey.
First, the Ketogenic Diet isn't actually a diet in the sense of which we know a "diet". It isn't meant to be a quick weight loss fad. It is a diet in the sense of, a way of eating. A way of life. The ketogenic diet works for weight loss putting your body in a metabolic state known as nutritional ketosis. During nutritional ketosis, the body turns to fat as a fuel source rather than carbs. The body typically has fat stores ready to burn which will lead to increased energy levels and weight loss.
Eating the "keto way" helps to ensure your body gets the fat it needs to burn for fuel and limits carbs to ensure they are not turned into glucose and ultimately stored fat.
What are the main benefits will you reap from a keto diet?
It is sufficient for weight loss
It helps in reducing cravings
It increases energy levels.
Please keep in mind that we are not medical professionals. We state what has worked for us and may or may not work for you. Always seek medical advice before starting a new eating plan.
1. Get Adapted Fast by being prepared!

The first 2 weeks of the ketogenic diet (also known as the adaption process) are crucial. Introducing more healthy fats to your diet is vital to your keto weight loss success. You are training your body to start burning fat for fuel instead of carbs. The body goes through a withdrawal of sorts. Detoxing from sugar and carbs. You may feel sick, also know as the keto flu. Just keep pushing forward. Take the "this too shall pass" frame of mind. Keep chicken broth handy. Take your vitamins and eat your fat.

Get rid of all non-keto foods in your kitchen and pantry
Begin every morning with a Keto boosting routine by drinking water and eating a healthy breakfast such as 2 eggs, 2 bacon, and an avocado.
Keep easy to grab and eat keto snacks available. The key to kicking cravings is eating fat! FAT KEEPS YOU SATIATED.
Try out new keto recipes, MAKE A MEAL PLAN. It helps. Trust me! Plan, plan, plan.
keto diet tips
2. There is more to Keto than eating
Your food is just the beginning. There are many ways to ensure you are maximizing the keto benefits and keeping healthy while doing it. It is important to keep your sodium, magnesium and other electrolyte levels stable and supplemented. It is also important to drink your water! It has been said that the best way to know you are drinking enough water is to drink half your weight in ounces and then another 8oz before bed.
3. You should not compromise your food quality
Being on a keto diet does not give you an opening to compromise your food quality and eat whatever you want. Your body still needs nutrients. Your food should be rich in nutrients and you should avoid junk (heavily processed meats, etc) . Everyone loves their fast food cheeseburgers and the fact that they can still have them without the bun, however, if they weren't the healthiest thing for you before they STILL aren't. Limit even keto approved fast food. Opt for grass-fed meats, butter and healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil and the like. if you are prone to bloating and inflammation it may be a good idea to avoid these foods also even if they are on the keto approved list.
4. Skip The Keto Strips
Keto strips are used to measure the level of ketones in your urine. There are far too many variables that affect this, and for this reason, we suggest skipping them all together. We ran many tests on both urine and blood, the amount of inconsistency with the urine tests was crazy! If you eat from your keto meal plan or foods list without cheating and stay at or around 20 net carbs daily, YOU WILL ENTER KETOSIS. If you must have some visual confirmation use a blood test.
5. Do not get discouraged/NO CHEATING
When you subject your body to drastic changes it can rebel like a ballsy teenager. Be patient. Many people report extreme bloating and even weight gain within the first week or two while the body enters ketosis and adjusts. This will subside. Keep going, you are doing it right.
You may have seen numerous comments on social media such as this " I have been doing so good that I am rewarding myself with that piece of cake at John's birthday this weekend". STOP! NO. That is not the way the ketogenic "diet" works. Maybe in the past for other fad diets. But, not this one. Remember above how I mentioned that keto is not a diet, it is a way of life? There is a reason for that. If you cheat, you will more than likely be kicked out of ketosis and left to start all over. That means adaption, keto flu, bloating, all. over. again. You don't want that. Plus, that sugar will kick start your cravings all over again.
Take it from someone who lost 50lbs in 6 months then thought she could "eat normally". 6 months later I had gained back 25lbs, had worse cravings, no energy to get back to working out and literally felt 10 yrs older. Back to strict keto for life. Hashtag that. Let's make it viral. #keto4life Besides, there are PLENTY of keto options!
6. Gain Clearance from your doctor
Before you commit to a keto diet, consult your physician. This way of eating may not be for you. Each individual is different.
Keep these things in mind and you will be on the fast track to keto success!


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