Ladies, Your Birth Month Can Tell A Lot About You. Here’s What You Need To Know. Spark Of Goodness!!!

According to some beliefs, people who share the same birth month oftentimes share some astonishing personality traits and behaviors as well. Here’s what a woman’s birth month reveals about her:

  • January women are quite ambitious, but they are also very earnest and conservative.
  • At times, they tend to criticize other people and they always prefer to communicate with those who are intellectually equal to themselves.
  • These women are not very keen on talking about their emotions and feelings, and they desire to communicate with people who have the same intellectual capacity and viewpoint of life as they do.
  • True romantics, women born in February are known to be free souls who love to wander, dream, fantasize, and think in abstract terms.
  • Frequent fluctuations in mood are typical for them, which is why one should be very patient when around a February woman.
  • Due to their mood swings, people are sometimes unable to understand these women.
  • They also value honesty very highly, and therefore if someone betrays them, they will most certainly erase that person from their lives forever.

  • Ladies born in March are very strong, loyal, and dedicated to what they believe in.
  • If you want to win over the heart of a March woman, you should try really hard as these women do not fall head over heels in love easily.
  • March ladies are typically quite charming and charismatic and very pleasant to be around.
  • However, if they get upset, they may become quite unpleasant.
  • April women are great with words and they are able to express themselves in a very succinct manner.
  • Nevertheless, these women can often become jealous and have delicate confidence in others, making them quite sensitive.
  • When they know and trust a person very well, they often let their guards down and allow themselves to open up and share their deepest fears and feelings.
  • Thus, they have the ability to bring happiness into other people’s lives.
  • Females born in May are regarded as some of the most beautiful and strong-willed women.
  • Men find them very attractive, but also quite troublesome and difficult to be around.
  • This makes May ladies very challenging for their partners.
  • In addition, these women have strong principles and they always persist in their doings.
  • These ladies are quite dominant and have a lot of power over their partners.
  • They are typically very innovative, creative, and curious, as well as great communicators.
  • However, their excellent communicative skills may sometimes be seen as a drawback as oftentimes their words come prior to their thoughts.
  • June women are very direct, they never hide their feelings and always speak whatever is on their mind or heart.
  • July women are sensitive, smart, beautiful, honest, and mysterious.
  • They despise conflict and dishonesty, which is why they are always sincere with other people and expect honesty from them in return.

  • Big-hearted and funny, August women despise negative people and those who disagree with them.
  • These women tend to be self-centered sometimes, but, nevertheless, they have big hearts for others as well.
  • In addition, August ladies desire to be the center of attention, and in fact, men do find them very attractive.
  • Thanks to their strength and the great sense of humor, men are often falling head over heels in love with them.
  • These women are also good at winning arguments and they never hesitate to strike back when someone disagrees with them.
  • September women are amazing, both within and without.
  • They are friendly, beautiful, self-disciplined, and don’t like when people are insincere.
  • They will never forgive if someone betrays them, and will often seek revenge if they have been wronged.
  • These ladies are not into one-night stands and always choose to be in lasting relationships.
  • That is why they have high expectations of their partners.
  • Females born in October are not very into showing or talking about their feelings and emotions.
  • They are very intelligent and strong women, who are often scared of betrayal.
  • Other women are often jealous of October women.
  • November ladies are quite opinionated and blunt, and definitely not one to mess with.
  • They are very smart and can recognize insincere and dishonest people very easily.

  • Women born in December love positivity and openness.
  • They are quite impatient, but somehow things always work out for them in the end.
  • They tend to open their hearts very often, making themselves more vulnerable.


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